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  1. Really Appreciate your help. It's a lot of money as you know. Doesn't have to be this one but would like a new one. Been looking on Ebay and seen the odd secondhand Capri V6 Cologne Rads for £70 - £80 and probably not much good either. If you could let me know what you can find out that would be a great help. Regards Nick (dobbo)
  2. http://www.coolexperts.co.uk/product/ford-capri-2-8l-2-9l-cologne-engine-core-race-quality-radiator/ Thanks for your reply on what radiator would be suitable with my 2.9 12 Valve Cologne engine. I have sent a link above. Would this radiator be o.k ? Do you know if it would match up with the water inlet & outlets on the engine and would it fit in the engine bay ? Electric fan would be mounted on the front of radiator behind the grille. Again your help much appreciated. Just that i can't spend this sort of money unless i know it will fit. Sound like you have had experience fitting different radiator within the mk3. Regards Nick (dobbo)
  3. An engine i would just love in my MK3. Your photos still show an engine well worth talking about. Well done on your project. As for my 2.9 12 Valve Cologne i would like to fit a Bigger Radiator. I know i am limited to the Type/ Size of rad but if you could offer me any help from your experience on what type of Radiator to buy including the hoses which would be the correct shape to match up to the water pump and top of the engine your help would be much appreciated. You said you have you V6 Capri & Granada Radiators. What MK of Capri & Granada radiators did you use ?
  4. Would be good to see a few more photos of your V8. Bet it sound fantastic. I'm afraid i only have the 2.9 V6 Cologne but have been wanting to upgrade the radiator for some time due to it heating up very quickly as soon as you hit traffic. Its just knowing what larger radiator would fit in the MK3 and then what hoses to use to couple the Rad to engine. I have got rid of the viscous fan and have an electric fan on the forward side of the radiator. Let me know what your thoughts are on this. Cheers Nick (dobbo)
  5. Thanks for your reply. From your photo yours looks something special. Love the rocker covers. I have also found the TX1 Rad doesn't really keep it cool enough. I'm always keeping my eye on the Temp gauge and switch on my manual overide fan whenever i get caught in traffic. Would love to see some more detailed photos of the your Radiator with Coolant Hoses and your Electric Fan set up on yours if you would be O.K with that. Would serious consider upgrading my Rad and Fan, just not sure what would fit and what would work. Thanks once again, speak soon. Regards Nick (Dobbo)
  6. Trying to find a suitable Lower Radiator Hose for my MK3 from the TX1 Black Cab Radiator up to the Water Pump inlet on the engine. Viscous fan removed so distance from radiator before going up to the water pump is very short. If anyone has the same engine/rad set up, you may just be able to help. Many Thanks
  7. I am interested in the Pedal Box and also the Gearbox Shifter ( Stick + Gaiter & Trim) if the transmission was a manual. Also maybe the Front Doors depending on there condition. If you could kindly let me know on the above items.
  8. Nothing yet at present as far as i know, but would to good to have a contact who has a skill to be able to fabricate and weld.
  9. If i need welding on the MK3, would West London be O.K to travel ? I guess if the car was dropped to you, that wouldn't be a problem.
  10. I have a Cologne 2.9i 12 valve Engine removed from a 'H' Reg 1990 granada Scorpio. I would like to know which series of the A4LD Automatic Gearbox is fitted. Believe it has the 4th gear lock up clutch. Would it be the A4LD , A4LDe or a A4LDE. Can anyone advice which series of the A4LD auto box it would be by the age. If you could point out what i need to look for on the atuomatic gearbox to identify i am happy to look. Your help much appreciated.
  11. Just release the brake pipe(s) from the clips along the axle length and diff cover by just gently bending them back and then manoeuvre cover away from axle.
  12. That's the next thing to try. Please tell me if I'm incorrect but with reference to stevewes reply above am I not correct in saying with the 19mm Crankshaft bolt removed at allows the centre tightening screw of the puller which has a cone on the end to sit in the end of the crankshaft which it pushes against.
  13. I'm sure I've done things correctly but even using this harmonic puller it is dam tight and doesn't seem to want to move. What I have done is as follows - 1. Undo and removed the 19mm centre crankshaft bolt 2. Wound centre tightening bolt with cone end into removal tool. 3. Using 2 bolts in kit attach removal tool too two of the 4 threaded holes on the crankshaft puley that are normally used to hold the additional drive belt pulley on. 4. Ensuring that the cone of the threaded tightening bolt attached to the tool remains in the crankshaft hole that the 19mm bolt was removed from i tighten it. Is there I keyway on the crankshaft that the crankshaft pulley locates in because with it still fitted as it is at the moment I can't see anything. Again any help and advice much appreciated.
  14. Managed to remove the 19mm crankshaft pulley bolt by holding a screwdriver in the starter ring gear so thanks for the advise on that. How having trouble getting the crankshaft pulley off the Crankshaft itself.I have bought a harmonic puller kit that will pick up on two of the four bolts. I have fitted it all on and wound it up a good bit but crankshaft pulley wheel is solid and does not want to move. Is there something else I should be doing between removal of the 19mm bolt and fitting the puller and winding it up. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
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