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  1. I am interested in the Pedal Box and also the Gearbox Shifter ( Stick + Gaiter & Trim) if the transmission was a manual. Also maybe the Front Doors depending on there condition. If you could kindly let me know on the above items.
  2. Nothing yet at present as far as i know, but would to good to have a contact who has a skill to be able to fabricate and weld.
  3. If i need welding on the MK3, would West London be O.K to travel ? I guess if the car was dropped to you, that wouldn't be a problem.
  4. dobbo

    mk3 1.6 gxl

    Can't see any floor bungs on Ebay. What price are you looking for the set of floor bungs. Cheers Dobbo.
  5. dobbo

    mk3 1.6 gxl

    Don't really need the whole set but what price are are you looking for the set ? P.M if you prefer or just leave message.
  6. dobbo

    mk3 1.6 gxl

    Could you let me know if you have the bung that fills the hole in the floor in the passenger and drivers footwell ?
  7. Has anyone got a bung that blanks the holes in the floor in the footwells on the Mk3. If anyone has one or two of them or knows where I can get them from your help would be much appreciated. ManyThanks.
  8. As above. Only block sump and heads with rocket covers all bolted together.I have sent a P.M.
  9. Don't know piston size. Need to get rid of engine in the next week.
  10. Got 2.8 Cologine Engine in my garage which has been sitting for a long time.Bare engine.No ancillaries.Just basically block, heads with rocker covers and sump.No history.Requires full strip down and rebuild. Maybe good for spares. Just seeing if there is any interest.
  11. Many thanks for offers of rev counter but in the end managed to source one.
  12. For what cortina and engine type ?
  13. Hi Danish Thanks for reply Yes can you send photo. P.M me if you like. Dobbo.
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