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  1. 5/16 UNC x 1 1/4" for future reference..
  2. I need to stop off and pick up some bolts on my way home today, the ones that clamp the front bushes of the antiroll bar to the chassis, but I forgot to pick up the old ones this morning to match them to. Does any one know what thread and length I need please?
  3. I need to replace both rear wheel cylinders on my E, I was hoping to use a seal kit but theyre too far gone. Theres a couple of people on fleabay advertising 3/4 bore cylinders as a direct replacement for the original 7/8 items, at a fraction of the cost. I know these will fit but how will it affect the braking in general, could it mean more or less effort to the rear wheels? Has anyone else on here with an E or GT used these and are there any noticable differences?
  4. I need to buy some sheet steel to repair small holes in my strut tops and slam panel but forgot to measure the thickness when i was at the car last, can anyone advise what gauge steel was used in these areas?
  5. If its 100% rust free I'll take the mk2 one if youve still got it
  6. I found a chunky crosshead screwdriver that was a perfect fit and tried again with that down the tube. Tube came straight out! Top tip, thankyou :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. Hi all, Im swapping the sumps on one of my old mk2 1600 xflows as its going into a friends car and needs a rear bowl sump fitting, however Im failing miserably at removing the original oil pick up pipe. Im sure Ive removed them before and a couple of twists with a set of molegrips sets them on their way, but I cant get this one to budge and Im just crushing the pipe. Any top tips?
  8. Scrumpy

    My 1600e

    Good luck! Keep us up to date with progress...
  9. Nice job! Handy to have saved on the PC for quick reference. Must have taken ages to scan?
  10. Scrumpy

    1600e shell

    The shell is near maidstone kent, and Im open to sensible offers. I'll try and get some photos on here tomorrow.
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