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  1. 5/16 UNC x 1 1/4" for future reference..
  2. I need to stop off and pick up some bolts on my way home today, the ones that clamp the front bushes of the antiroll bar to the chassis, but I forgot to pick up the old ones this morning to match them to. Does any one know what thread and length I need please?
  3. I need to replace both rear wheel cylinders on my E, I was hoping to use a seal kit but theyre too far gone. Theres a couple of people on fleabay advertising 3/4 bore cylinders as a direct replacement for the original 7/8 items, at a fraction of the cost. I know these will fit but how will it affect the braking in general, could it mean more or less effort to the rear wheels? Has anyone else on here with an E or GT used these and are there any noticable differences?
  4. I need to buy some sheet steel to repair small holes in my strut tops and slam panel but forgot to measure the thickness when i was at the car last, can anyone advise what gauge steel was used in these areas?
  5. If its 100% rust free I'll take the mk2 one if youve still got it
  6. I found a chunky crosshead screwdriver that was a perfect fit and tried again with that down the tube. Tube came straight out! Top tip, thankyou :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. Hi all, Im swapping the sumps on one of my old mk2 1600 xflows as its going into a friends car and needs a rear bowl sump fitting, however Im failing miserably at removing the original oil pick up pipe. Im sure Ive removed them before and a couple of twists with a set of molegrips sets them on their way, but I cant get this one to budge and Im just crushing the pipe. Any top tips?
  8. Scrumpy

    My 1600e

    Good luck! Keep us up to date with progress...
  9. Nice job! Handy to have saved on the PC for quick reference. Must have taken ages to scan?
  10. Scrumpy

    1600e shell

    The shell is near maidstone kent, and Im open to sensible offers. I'll try and get some photos on here tomorrow.
  11. Scrumpy

    1600e shell

    Im still undecided on this one, so I thought Id post it here to test the water and see if theres any interest. The story goes like this; in January this year I bought a 1600e unseen, it looked good in the pictures! I got it home and discovered that despite the very nice paint job it was full of filler. The more I poked, the more filler I found. So I parked it up whilst I pondered what to do and in the meantime was offered a very clean shell that had been completely stripped for restoration at some point, and then over time had become separated from all the bits stripped from it. So, the filler laden 1600e got stripped and all the parts were used on the good shell. And so I am left with a stripped 1600e shell. It is a genuine e, it still has the wings doors bonnet and bootlid. I have loosely bolted on some front suspension and steering and back axle so it can be moved around. My plan was to strip it completely, cut off any good panels and sell it all off individually to try and recoup some of my lost money however it is currently stored in a friends garden and he doesn't really want it cut up there so my easiest option is to offer it for sale as is. If there is no interest in it complete I will move it else where and continue with plan A. So, in summary, series 2 1600e shell with ID, old logbook not in my name but is on the dvla computer, completely bare shell apart from the doors, boot, bonnet, wings, front and rear suspension from a lesser model mk2 fitted to keep it rolling. It has lots of filler, I cant tell you the extent of the rust however be aware it would be a lot of work to repair properly. I don't have any pictures at the mo, but could take some next week if people wanted.
  12. The bonnet and bootlid on my super are shot, I had fiberglass items (of unknown manufacture)on one of my old 1600es and was always very happy with them so think I might go down that route again. Tickover are close to me so no issues with postage etc, I just wondered if anyone had tried their panels and what the fit / quality was like? MK2 PANELS
  13. I cut my struts down and used escort top adjustable gaz inserts in them from rally design
  14. 2000E is facelift, plastic grille and square headlights
  15. Love the Avatar / profile pic Scrumpy B) Love a bit of Madness Cheers fella, Chas Smash is an absolute legend. I popped into rally design today and decided to go for a pair of m16 calipers with spacer kits and a pair of vented discs. I figured every little helps and it wasnt silly money for the whole set up.
  16. Thanks, that's what I thought but figured it best to check before parting with the money...
  17. I changed mine for the spin on type, no idea if it gives any better flow but it means I can get the filters without any hassle from my local spares shop
  18. I know its probably been asked a thousand times already, but, the P16 calipers on my 16e are shot beyond reconditioning so Id like to fit some new M16 type ones. Do I need to use metric discs (if so from what?) and will the metric type mounting bolts fit the imperial threads in my struts?
  19. Its manual, and provisionally sold...
  20. Column shift gearbox and the column shift itself from a mk2, good working order. Don't want much for it just want it out the way. Offers, collection only from kent or can take to battlesbridge on sunday.
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