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  1. Or be diffrent https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TAUNUS-V6-CORTINA-RETRO-/254190134555
  2. Very interested in the black xl vinyl seats how much are you after please
  3. dooley

    Taunus tc1

  4. Please contact if you have any thanks
  5. Have one now thanks
  6. dooley

    V6 exhaust wanted

    Anyone selling a v6 exhaust system
  7. Yes looking for a 2.8 v6 one
  8. Needed if anyone has one have a rhd one to deal with
  9. Looking for a very good V6 2.3, 2.8, 3.0 To fit a mk3 cortina Also need the mounts, exhausts and gearbox If anyone has a complete setup please message me thanks
  10. If you could let me know thanks aaj389
  11. Hi Steve are you in Facebook?
  12. Vinyl the type with the square pattern
  13. dooley

    Rostyles wanted

    No not the sport steels the rostyles
  14. dooley

    Rostyles wanted

    Can you pm me a postcode so I can check distance please
  15. dooley

    Rostyles wanted

    Prefer deep dish if possible
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