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  1. Hi Looking for one of these, anyone help?
  2. Im in Edinburgh, but can get someone to collect from my work network
  3. Looking for both the above in good condition,
  4. Im still looking for one of these
  5. Looking for the MK1 armrest, mine is a mk1 console but Mk2 Armrest.
  6. Bare metal respray being done.
  7. I have a 1500gt engine (MK1 cortina) which has been rebuilt some time ago with a Mk2 cortina 681F L block bored out to +60 with new flat top pistons the block has been ground down to piston level. It still has the 4 bolt crank with the rope seal and I want to ditch that. I have aquired a Mk2 cortina sump, but what crankshaft do I need ? (are 1500 and 1600 crankshafts the same) and what flywheel. and rear seal set up. Hope some one can help
  8. Took the head off today, there is virtually no wear in the bores and nearly new 18400 pistons +60.
  9. Hi, Im about to get my shell painted and I am getting conflicting advice on the colour of the interior, its currently black but I cant decide if it was gloss or satin, any help appreciated.
  10. I have the manifold on it just now and it runs ok, but its bigger then the standard one and sits too close to the brake tower, not going for concourse but I am trying to keep it original.
  11. The one in your pictures is the one I have, its for the MK2 Rs2000, and my car is a MK1 as in the pic below. I have had great help on this forum with bits for the Cortina Mk1 (my new project) I was told probably incorrectly that some cortinas had a similar exhaust hence my advert, the casting number starts 71H or 72H. This is a great site with many helpful replies, thanks guys
  12. Thanks I was told the Mk3 cortina GT was twin downpipe hence the ad, its actualy for my Escort MK1, its all i need to get it motd and i can get on with my cotina gt.
  13. I need an exhaust manifold ,its the twin down pipe type, can anyone help ?
  14. Hi, Im looking for both mounts the one that goes from cam cover to round filter housing and the other from the inlet manifold to filter housing, also looking for the rubbers as well, its for a 2000OHC but I think all pintos are the same. Cheers Murray
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