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  1. Socket

    Cortina mk2 bits

    Hi Paul How much for the front badge?
  2. Socket

    Cortina 1600E

    Its ok buying one done up providing it got provenance. I knew of one that was restored to a very high standard, it turned out to be quite literally a death trap waiting to happen.
  3. Socket

    Cortina 1600E

    I think my resto is going way above that Dave :tears: , i think you should also look out for the vents on the metal part of the dash.
  4. Hi, Has anyone purchased these new ford badges, if so I was just wondering what the verdict was? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-Trunk-Hood-Badge-Letters-New-for-FORD-Capri-Cortina-Escort-MK1-MK2-MK3-GT/323021768129?hash=item4b359905c1:g:UNsAAOSwxH1T35Tr Thanks :thumbup:
  5. Socket


    If you've managed to save the original air from the tyre as well l'll bid you a oner for it. Is the tyre free from punctures?
  6. I think I may have a full house Hans. :thumbup:
  7. Thank you again Hans, out of interest what would have been included in the tool kit?
  8. Thank you chaps was battleship gray the correct colour?
  9. Ahh thank you I have a ratchet as well, what would the L/H one belong to Hans? Thanks
  10. Hi Can you tell me which jack would o/e for a 1600e? Thanks
  11. Get in there while your still on the honeymoon period. :bleh: :lol:
  12. How much for just the headlight bezels Hans?
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