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  1. I have a sunroof panel if you still need one
  2. Car done 160k matching numbers engine poly bushes new HD springs new shockers complete new braking system all the underside is same colour as car correct HD back axle still fitted axle all arms paint in 2k black same goes for front cradle
  3. Ps I'm Wayne Michael Gething and my 2.3 ghia maybe for sale for the right price
  4. I have detailed pictures of this car as a friend was going to buy it off the original owner and I very much doubt its an unwelded car
  5. Kev have you got facebook if so my name is Wayne Michael gething add me and I'll send you some pictures via messenger my facebook profile is me my son and fuzz Townsend
  6. I've got both I'm in south Yorkshire the outer is not mint but with a little work will go again if your local I would suggest come have a look
  7. cortinawayne

    Mk 5

    I have a mk5 bonnet and a osf door both rot free door will need slight repair to outer skin £30 bonnet is dint and rot free £40 think it's a pattern part as it quarter inch short on one side collection s64 south Yorkshire
  8. Witch part the outer or the vinyl inner ?
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