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  1. Late mk5 sunroof runners and cables work mint £80 located south Yorkshire can post
  2. Later type mk5 genuine sunroof seal for 82 ghia I have an East Kent trim fitted at the moment but there not very good
  3. Power steering rack no play in arms collection south Yorkshire s64 post code £200
  4. I've got one for sale 2.3 ghia full nut n bolt restoration car located in south Yorkshire 07504872560 for more information £6500
  5. I've got one on a power rack if it's same
  6. I have a sunroof panel if you still need one
  7. Car done 160k matching numbers engine poly bushes new HD springs new shockers complete new braking system all the underside is same colour as car correct HD back axle still fitted axle all arms paint in 2k black same goes for front cradle
  8. Ps I'm Wayne Michael Gething and my 2.3 ghia maybe for sale for the right price
  9. I have detailed pictures of this car as a friend was going to buy it off the original owner and I very much doubt its an unwelded car
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