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  1. Wanted a rear inner valance for mk5 cortina saloon, please
  2. Is there anyone recommended to buy the void bushes from ? i would prefer rubber ?
  3. I have a rough idea what the size is but I wondered what the sizes are to compare with.
  4. Hi i recently bought a mk4 Cortina Estate i need to change the void bushes. Can anyone help with what sizes are there ? I have been looking on ebay for bushes I am getting confused, I am considering poly bushes do they only come as one size ? Are there any tips on fitting ? I haven't got a void bush tool I may use a threaded bar and large washers, I may need to machine that. I am planning to do all 4 bushes but don't know what sizes, the description's on ebay are really poor. Thanks
  5. Hi you should get hold of Aaron Jacobs I am sure he will have everything you need, He is easiest to get hold of on facebook on the Cortina page, I should see him for some bits later
  6. Update I have been to the car , I checked the fuses, I found the fuse furthest from the driver has blown ! I swapped it and the alternator is charging, fuel & temp gauge works, Just the front indicators to sort now as they don't work but I guess that's the earths
  7. My multi meter is showing just over battery voltage, the car has just come back from welding, which mat have killed the alternator off, though I did see the thing in the battery to stop damage.
  8. Now my cortina is home he isn't playing ball, I think the alternator has died as there is no output at the battery, would a dead alternator on a mk3 Cortina with crossflow engine stop the indicators, dash instruments working, there isn't a charge light or oil light on the dash, Battery is now quite flat ! When I got the car back the charge light came on intermittently but today nothing.
  9. Fun show, first part on the cortina, Seems John culshaw is a fan !
  10. Hi i would like the blades please
  11. Thanks, Funny you should mention there as its on the list to be re done !
  12. Hi Will a mk2 1600E 4 branch like this fit my mk3 1600 crossflow pre face lift ?
  13. If not sold i would like to buy
  14. A small update of some work done on the drivers side
  15. Well done on being honest when you put it on ebay, there arent many honest people on ebay selling cars ! I have had thesameproblem as you as i bought a lovely looking yellow mk3 and that has similar rust, i think mine looks worse but you never know till the angle grinder touches ! i have had the car welded up to a very good standard but will cost me about £1500. I also come from Dorset, I have an idea who you bought your car from.
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