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  1. Hi Matt, give me a deposit and I'll keep them for you.Cheers
  2. Hi Matt cortina , yes still have the wheels...
  3. Rubery Owen made many different styles for different manufacturers Rover (P5B), MG midget, MGB and three different styles for Ford. I like the dartboard name, suits them. Cheers
  4. Made by Rubery Owen and still called Rostyle, some call them dartboard Rostyle but still a Rostyle, Cheers
  5. 4 dartboard rostyle wheels 5.5x13 code 78bbaa213201 as far as I can make out.Needing some TLC all tyres are shot but OK for rolling around on.£30.00 SOLD Cortina mk2 series 1 RHD dashboard and scuttle (no plenum) some rust but useable scuttle ends.£25.00 SOLD Cortina mk2 RHD column change gearbox and most if not all linkage bits, looks ok inside but not tested £100.00 SOLD PM me for more piccies. Collect only from near Wisbech. cheers
  6. Hi Interested in 14, MK2 recon struts, I live outside Wisbech but am away abroad until the 16th may, could you keep them for me if I send you a deposit? cheers
  7. Got mine today, thanks for the good product and fast post......These are good value considering the investment in time and money to produce them, they look professional and will make finishing the car so much easier. now all we need is rear quarter light and tailgate to body seals and that will be all the seal available for the mk2 estate. Cheers
  8. Think you're right, just need a little patience,not in a rush and still may change my mind as to what I'll do. Cheers
  9. Thanks but was hoping to stay original and go with column change, if not will put in type 9 with shortened gear lever housing, I know it's not an easy job but it's do'able.
  10. Great thanks, there is no rush as I'm collecting parts. I have a RHD set but the car is LHD don't know whether it would be easier to change driving position (have most of the bits) or try to figure out how to get the RHD gearbox to work in LHD format, we'll see! Just want to keep the bench seat if I can.Top of gearbox where the selector arms are and linkage from steering box area pics would be nice Cheers.
  11. Thanks missed that on the part number page, at least I now know what parts are different..........ie:- ALL
  12. Thanks for taking the time but it's left hand drive that I'm after.
  13. Hi anyone out there have either mk2 LHD column change linkage or any pictures ( workshop manual type) I have the RHD stuff and before I try to figure out what I'll have to modify to fit ,thought I'd ask. Cheers.
  14. Hi Interested I assume manual, Have a mk2 estate that requires one, please let me know. Cheers
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