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  1. Got a friend who’s doing some jobs on his newly acquired mk2 and he wants a pair of track control arms. Where’s the best place to get some ? Any help appreciated
  2. I’ve just noticed where your from Henry, ain’t to many peoples on these forums from Hull. But then again we are like on the end of the earth here !
  3. Colr6

    Mk1 pedal box

    I’m after a mk1 cortina RHD pedal box, don’t need cylinders just the box and pedals Cheers.
  4. From memory the resistor goes on the feed side not the earth. POS one on switch 12v to switch through resistor to motor then pos two 12v to switch then direct to motor.
  5. Have a word with BGH geartech, he may be able to help although they mainly deal in type 9s
  6. You’ll need the layshaft as well
  7. eBay couldn’t care less, even if it’s a pure wringing sale. I’ve seen a 1300e escort doc for sale and a lesser model shell to go with it. we are not going to make that into a more valuable car now are we???
  8. Colr6

    Mk1 Airflow

    I had mine re- chromed, just been through all my invoices to find who did them but couldn’t find it. I went on internet for plastic chromers and found them that way. Cost near enough £100 with vat and postage. Tbh not worth it, look good as long as you don’t move them! They mark very easily, so the chrome is a very soft chrome.
  9. A pic off the net, note the length of body and difference in drive
  10. You should be able to get a courior for about £30/35 anywhere in the uk mainland, working on about 40kg and less than a metre long.
  11. Colr6

    Mk1 nos sills

    Takes a bit of net legwork but mainly aus, some parts from America but they are few and far between. Took some time but proved fruitful. One instance, lights for each corner uk if you could find them £1000 sourced from a very helpful guy in aus equiv to £325 result in my book. Another thing I wanted was some rings for some Pistons on an OHC couldn't get anyone in uk to supply. Found a company in US quick live chat thingy on the net, 115 dollars sorted, couldn't do enough for me. Had to wait ten days as they were hand finished. You don't get service like that over here, if you do you can gaurantee its three times its market value. People crack on about OE panels yes they do fit better in most cases but apart from that there .e, look at em back in the day that's why we were fitting new wings/ sills front panels and so on at 4/5 year old but now for some reason there the dogs danglies and the little white sticker with brown letters and numbers must be made of GOLD ! Because it escapes me how people can put such a high value on what still remains a . product. Any way rant over.
  12. The way I read it, he's got a log book for a savage and a load of scrap to go with it ! Oh a v6 and an atlas which makes it all genuine.
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