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  1. Got a friend who’s doing some jobs on his newly acquired mk2 and he wants a pair of track control arms. Where’s the best place to get some ? Any help appreciated
  2. I’ve just noticed where your from Henry, ain’t to many peoples on these forums from Hull. But then again we are like on the end of the earth here !
  3. Colr6

    Mk1 pedal box

    I’m after a mk1 cortina RHD pedal box, don’t need cylinders just the box and pedals Cheers.
  4. From memory the resistor goes on the feed side not the earth. POS one on switch 12v to switch through resistor to motor then pos two 12v to switch then direct to motor.
  5. If you get stuck, it might be worth ringing Andy at Arrow engineering chesterfield. He does all the atlas axles for the Fords and he makes them to suit whatever width you require. Whether he’d be able to sort you out I don’t know but could be worth a call.
  6. Seem to remember your using escort stuff ? Your best option would be the long stem mex/ twink rack which would alter the angle and position of your uj. Or you could make an extension shaft and roll the rack mounts round a bit to bring the shaft lower than the engine mounts.
  7. Do you mind telling me where you got those from ? You’ve got corner pieces I haven’t
  8. If you know a good graphics company you can make cheaper clocks look the part.
  9. A T5 went in it on the back of a cossy turbo. If you note the step down on the top of the tunnel, that was to retain the heater and centre console. Access to the two top bellhousing bolts is through two grommets fitted in the drop down. It was bloody tight but worked to retain original interior. I used Capri steering and crossmember with the aid of engine chassis mounts as you need to chop the towers off the crossmember to move into a position to get the right suspension geometry.
  10. I found it easier to cut the dash in the recess where the clock pod and glove box fits. A lot easier to fill and hide any discrepancies. Saves having to make any jigs. Just my thoughts though, it’s whatever one finds comfortable doing The bottom pic finished dash
  11. Have a word with BGH geartech, he may be able to help although they mainly deal in type 9s
  12. You’ll need the layshaft as well
  13. eBay couldn’t care less, even if it’s a pure wringing sale. I’ve seen a 1300e escort doc for sale and a lesser model shell to go with it. we are not going to make that into a more valuable car now are we???
  14. The best rear window seal I’ve had was from retro car seals, fitted spot on. The front one was worse than the one it replaced from the mk1 owners. These are my third set of rubbers and the front still has to be cured to a suitable fit. Do NOT get the rear quarters from east Kent trims that fit so bad I’m sure they’re for another car!!! They know they have an issue with them but still continue to sell them. Whether this issue has been resolved I’m not sure. I had to use two tubes of supa glue to get mine to stay anywhere near, as for the rear lower corner I ain’t got one it’s that bad.
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