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  1. Wanted, N/S door lock assembly for mk1 2 door. Not sure if 4 door ones are the same ? It’s the lock/ catch assembly I want not the handle TIA.
  2. Certainly made that nice, I did mine white framed. I was Sammy Millers best mate after re building two of them 😜
  3. Dining room !!!! FRONT room 🙃🙃 had a couple of those 250 and a 350 brill bikes.
  4. Couldn’t agree more, when people send me stuff to sort the problems are usually attributed to burtons parts somewhere along the line.
  5. Unless it’s a well known brand I wouldn’t touch anything from Burtons, constantly hearing of poor quality/ fit and products not doing what they should. Just been reading on another forum about more problems with oil pumps, which have devastating results on engines.
  6. Got a friend who’s doing some jobs on his newly acquired mk2 and he wants a pair of track control arms. Where’s the best place to get some ? Any help appreciated
  7. I’ve just noticed where your from Henry, ain’t to many peoples on these forums from Hull. But then again we are like on the end of the earth here !
  8. As stated above there is a small lock pin between the two parts in the groove. Normally it’s staked with a chisel in the shape of an X this must be drilled out before they will come undone. Approx 3/3.5 mm drill take care not to damage the threads as they are quite fine. Once you’ve fitted the new bush set the the resistance on the ball joint by setting with a fish scale to 2 pounds or if you haven’t got one a bag of sugar hung on the end of the rod will do. Once you’ve set it up and locked off the locking ring re drill a hole in the groove if the original one doesn’t line up ( they very rarely do once re set ) find a suitable pin, a round nail will do, 3” nail is around the right diameter. Cut a short piece pop in the hole and peen the top over to keep it in. Very little oil is in the racks would suggest 1/8 pint would be more than enough.
  9. There’s a good possibility if you weld as is it will remove the tank for you and more than likely the rear of the car 🤭🤭
  10. There’s a plastic Bush which goes in the end of the sleeve which appears to be missing. It’s either been like that a long time or the bits will be in the rack boot. A pic below shows the triangulated bush in between the rack boots is what you want.
  11. Colr6

    Mk1 pedal box

    I’m after a mk1 cortina RHD pedal box, don’t need cylinders just the box and pedals Cheers.
  12. Tbh I used four of the outer mounts on mine, cut down to suit.
  13. From memory the resistor goes on the feed side not the earth. POS one on switch 12v to switch through resistor to motor then pos two 12v to switch then direct to motor.
  14. The numbers I’ve got for Andy, 07891604755 and Alister 07843448862 done some good work for me and others always recommend
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