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  1. scrab

    Mk1 Petrol Tank

    After a good tank for a MK1, without drain tap
  2. I'm after a good pair of MK1 chrome eyeball vents
  3. scrab

    Mk1 Heater Box

    I'm after a MK1 Airflow heater box. Don't need the matrix or controls
  4. scrab

    MK1 Brake Pedal

    I'm after a MK1 brake pedal for an air flow model.
  5. I'm after a good steering box/column coverplate for aMK1 that bolts to the bulkhead please
  6. scrab

    Mk1 Bonnet latch pin

    Its the threaded pin/spring I'm after not the safety latch.
  7. I'm after a bonnet latch/spring for a MK1 please
  8. scrab

    Twin Cam Con Rods

    I was after some good standard s/h ones dont need any fancy stuff
  9. scrab

    Twin Cam Con Rods

    I'm after a good set of Twin Cam(125E) con rods
  10. Hello.

    I assume that Corsair ones are the same as Cortina. Just to make sure its clear what I'm after its the grey retangular connector block that also doubles as the seal where the wires go through the bulkhead on each side of the car. If you could let me have a price including postage that would be great.

    thanks Steve

  11. scrab

    Wiring Blocks

    Anyone got a pair of MK2 blocks if no MK1s are available
  12. Unfortunately when I was counting the teeth I noticed one of the gears has a chipped tooth. Sorry about this
  13. I'll check tomorrow and let you know
  14. I got a layshaft if that's what your after. Let me know the number of teeth on each gear to check its the same
  15. scrab

    Wiring Blocks

    I need the 2 grey wiring blocks where the loom passes through the bulkhead on a MK1. I would buy a complete loom if required
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