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  1. That is a stunning machine...!!
  2. These sound close to what I am after. Where are you based?! Many thanks.
  3. These sound glorious but will probably be a tad too expensive for me... Thanks ever so much though.
  4. Hello there. I feel like dipping my toe back into Cortina ownership!!! Before I do though I want to ready a few choice parts... Can anyone provide me with a set of 5 Ghia/Sport alloys (with corresponding wheel nuts) please? They don't need tyres but the centre caps and wheel nuts (as already mentioned) would be great. As for condition they don't need to be perfect (I don't have a huge budget)! but round and true would be preferred of course!!! If you can help please give me a shout. All the best, thanks in advance...
  5. I was on my way to work this morning (up with the sunshine at 6.00am!) and I was walking towards Shepherd's Bush overground train station when a noise distracted me... To my delight a pre-facelift (K or L reg' I think!) Mk3 Cortina blasted round the corner and up past Westfield towards the Westway (A40)... It was a very clean looking 4-door and I think it was an L as it had narrow looking wheels with the relevant wheel trims! I also think it was in quite a dark colour but the light wasn't that great at the time... It looked and sounded lovely and for an all to brief moment I was blasted back to 1973... Was it you?!
  6. My favourite bargain find (and one of those cars I wish I had kept!) was a Mk5 Cortina I bought from here about 14-15 years ago...!!! It was a Sirius Red 1.6L JPA 482V 4-door and it is (well, was!) the best car I ever owned... It cost me about £120 (well it was £100 but I paid for the remainder of the tax also) and the chap who owned it drove it from somewhere in the Midlands (I think?) down to me in Surrey, right to my door!!! It was a gem and I loved it dearly...!!!
  7. That is a gem... It's in a wonderful colour and must be quite rare sporting those headlamp washers...?! Nice one.
  8. That is just the most stunning Cortina on so many levels...!!! Absolutely cracking...
  9. That really is very nice indeed... I'm in Surrey myself so whereabouts did it spend most of its life?! It looks like you've got a gem there so now we need to see many more wonderful pictures!!!
  10. It's nice to see an old Cortina parked in the street like in the good old days...!!! It's strange how you've never seen it 'on the move' as it were but that's always the way isn't it...?! I do hope you manage to make contact with the owner at some juncture but I suppose they must love it if they've had it for so long! Keep us posted with how you get on...
  11. That really is lovely... That is a stunning colour and it's great that you've found a car that is so personal to you! Superb... With regards to the grille didn't the XL have square headlamps as original? I thought it was just the L that had round ones at this point in the life of the Mk3...?! I am probably wrong but it's just a thought... Beautiful car, just wonderful.
  12. That Cortina needs to saved and you are the person to do it...!!! Come on, let's see it get the 'Swampy' treatment...!!!
  13. That is looking sooooooooooo darn good...!!! I've said it before but what a real gem! Perfection...
  14. That is really lovely...!!! I love that colour...
  15. I remember having one of these when I was a nipper that had glow-in-the-dark windows and it was one of my favourite toy cars...!!! Now I have a couple of them stashed away in the loft from my old display... I met someone who had a relative that worked for Matchbox when they were still based in Hackney and apparently the numberplates sometimes had initials of the draughtsmen that made the dies for the models...!!! I thought that was a great little factoid...!
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