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  1. Ohh yes could very well be as I'm looking for a project one would you happen to have photo please Georgieboy40@hotmail.co.uk is my email Cheers
  2. Still looking and hoping guys
  3. That mk5 estate theres nothing of it he removed the windows rotten interior ready for banger racing
  4. georgieboy


  5. georgieboy

    Mk4 /5 wanted

    Hi I'm asking to see if anyone has a mk3 or 5 for winter project not to dear please Thanks
  6. georgieboy

    front seat

    hi all im looking for a passenger front seat for mk5 condition not important as long as it reclines thank you
  7. hi a pair of orion ghia rear lights in good condition with holders anygood to anyone for their mk5 :jedi:
  8. the only man who doesn.t make mistakes is the man who doesn,t do anything

  9. georgieboy

    side stripes

    hi hope I can put these on here I have these 2" john player special side stripes new I brought years ago would anyone be intrested ill have to mail pictures if so
  10. georgieboy


    blimey that one would of done but its gone
  11. georgieboy


    Hi ya mk3 or 4 or 5 would be great thank you
  12. georgieboy


    hi does anyone know where I could a cheap tina from don't mind if its a total resto job thank you
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