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  1. Looking for some parts for my 1974 TC1 Taunus , I assume the same as a facelift mk3 Big nut that fits screen wiper spindle to bulk head M16x1mm thread; The four big nuts, bolt and washers that hold the front crossmember to the body, front black Non inertia seatbelt heavy duty front anti roll bar Might be interested in a 3.7 Atlas axle with arb and 2.0 propshaft complete if sensible money lots of silly little bits i cant remember at the mo. I am in Essex
  2. what ratio is the axle and how much for it?
  3. is the rear axle available if so have you got any details and price please.
  4. Thanks for the wheels. There as good as you said. Thanks again David
  5. I am interested, where are you
  6. If you ring me on 07976 554664 we can talk ,this web sight comment thing is getting us nowhere. Cheers David

  7. Wisbeach? I am going to butlins skegness in a few weeks could pass by if not to far out the way, i will have wife and kids with me though.mght be easier if you called me on 07976 554664 Thank you David

  8. I have No clue what you mean???

  9. Sorry .I only have internet when i am home from work. I am in essex, where are you

  10. ooh eer. I,m not that way inclined. :thumbup:
  11. ps what part of world you in??

  12. Hi yes 2 both but some one messing about over manifold because its to big to post you would need to send own currier and ill knock of 10 .. from postage to cover polys thanks

  13. Hi i am intersted in 4 branch manifold and polley bushes if still available
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