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  1. hi, i think the black one is a front- off the top of my head. i can find them and get pics if your interested? matt
  2. hi i have a pair of bumpers for a mk4. one is chrome, one black. if your interested i can get pics. collection from herts. open to offers. thanks, matt
  3. hi i have a mk2 grille, bit tatty, but with mounting brackets, and a good pair of lucus spotlamps fitted, from a 1600E. can post and package if need be. let me know if your interested and i will get pics. open to offers. thanks, matt
  4. yep, warm the rubber up and take your time. i personaly tend to just cut the rubber out because they are cheap enough to replace and ensure you dont crack the screen in the process.
  5. hi i have a bootlid from a mk3 here gathering dust. good condition realy, solid and complete with trim panel etc. message me if your interested and i will take pics. im in herts, and collection only realy. open to offers.. thanks, matt
  6. hi i have a new wing supplied by magnum panels for a mk4. this was in my mk5 cortina when i brought it, and im not going to use it so if anyones interested let me know. its a drivers side, and collection only realy, from herts. make an offer.. thanks, matt
  7. managed to get some pics on, the rest are too big to upload but as i say i can email them if anyone is interested..
  8. hi, im having trouble posting pics. any advice is appreciated. i can email them over if anyone wants to see. thanks, matt
  9. hi, now this is a very reluctant sale- i was hoping to restore this car for myself due to its rarity, however i need to fund my mk3 gt cortina build. 1964 ford cortina estate. this is the super model, with the 1500cc engine, and twin chrome strips along the side. i have the v5, looks to have had only 4 or 5 owners in the past. the car is showing around 60,000 miles, which, more likley than not, is probably genuine. i have a few old tax discs, the latest being 2011. the estate is pretty much complete as far as i can see. the 1500 engine is meant to be a good runner, but its in the boot at the moment. the interior is complete, blue and dusty! the car will need welding and new repair panals to get it solid again, looks like someone has started in the past but not got very far with it. strut tops have been plated, i would be fitting new inner wing tops as oppose to plating if it was me. cills and rear arches will want replacing, although one arch looks pretty good to be honest. kick panals and drivers door-hinge post want repairing, floors don't look to bad, but will need work. front wings will repair. worth replacing the front and rear valances if you are going the whole hog. doors look pretty good, tailgate will need a small repair to the bottom edge. lower rear quarters, maybe. anyway you get the drift... the car is very original, and although now mostly covered in red oxide, the original paint is visible. navy blue ( may be alcudia or something?) with ermine white roof. i would be doing the side stripe ermine white too if it was me. its a very worth while project, and i know i will end up kicking myself if it goes, but could do with the money and space back from it. the estate rolls freely, i can organise any transport, via a freind if need be. im in hertfordshire sg11. please get in touch with any questions etc. i am looking for £2500 ono. thanks, matt
  10. should just be a satin black finish, or body colour
  11. J2S- yes, thought it was me going mad, but the newer the car is the more orange peel it seems to have on it! - theres me spraying cortinas and old stuff, and i finish up with the cut and mop, bringing up a near mirror-finish, the other day i had a door to do on a 2 year old fiesta, any way, paint was a good match, but my gun finish alone came up way better than the rest of the car- i darent mop it otherwise i would have ended up doing the whole car!
  12. Hi, not a GT, but i have a seris one, 2- door mk2 Deluxe which may be going up for sale in the next few weeks or so. Full resto over the last few years. Let me know if your interested, thanks Matt.
  13. hi, interested, can you send pics. pm coming over thanks, matt
  14. great, just what im after, but any chance you could hang on to them for a few weeks untill i could get up to you... thanks, matt
  15. hi Richard, have you still got the set of wheels for sale? thanks, matt
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