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  1. Sorry these are now sold
  2. Hi all , I have a set of rostyles for sale (1600E type ) in very good condition and fitted with new tyres ( never used) together with brand new chrome embellishments. Chrome condition is very good but not perfect, £400 and are located ia South Wales. 07814431111
  3. I’ve got 4 1600E style rostyles with good chrome and centers with new chrome embellishments and brand new ( never been on the road ) tyres £400.
  4. Ive got a set of four for sale which are in very good condition complete with all new tyres ( never used and purchased about 6 months ago ) . They have perfect chrome embellishes and the correct centres. 1600E type.
  5. Comp


    Think you need to be more specific about you're request , there are are cheap ones - there are expensive ones out there and all reflects on condition, mileage and model. Perhaps notify how much you want to spend?
  6. Got a set of 4 with brand new unused tyres
  7. Hi all, am I missing something here? Neil kindly replied to my question about how to open or view personal messages and rightly by clicking on the envelope sign at the top right hand of page allows us to do that, my concern is how do I recognise new messages ? I know I've been sent a PM by one of the members as it shows at my personal Email address but I cannot find it on the site.
  8. Ahh, thanx Neil much appreciated.
  9. Hi , I posted an advert recently and quite a few members have sent me personal messages but I cannot seem to be able to find them on the page layout. Is there anyone who can help please?
  10. Hi all, my mk5 2.3 Ghia that's only done 15k miles may be for sale towards the end of the year, or the beginning of next year.
  11. Comp

    Mk4 parts

    Have sent you a message
  12. Comp

    Mk4 parts

    I would welcome the rear exhaust section and possibly the wheel nuts' are you open to offers on the items or given the option I would rather you state a price for them. If we were to agree on prices would be in a position to post them to South Wales postcode CF41?
  13. Comp

    Set of rostyles

    Are they of any interest to anyone before I put them on "The Bay"
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