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  1. Cross member finished. Cross member making kit !!!!
  2. You can't beat a bit of C.A.D Steve
  3. Thanks John,I've got a bit of patience,not too sure of the skill though
  4. I've not done a lot lately,a few little bits,but i keep putting this job off,well,I decided to get on with it. I know I could buy a new cross member,but it is far too much fun to make one. I used good old cereal boxes for the template & I have used the side panel of a Transit,which was given to me by our bodyshop. This is it so far.
  5. Deano66

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Bloody hell mate,that's so bad,so sorry for what has happened,hope your insurance goes ok.
  6. I've been asked that a few times mate, I could do with them,but I have been doing a few little bits,hoping to get some more time soon
  7. Hi Norton,you've probably got DOT3 in your car,the only difference between DOT3 & 4 is that DOT4 has a higher boiling point.You can add DOT4 to DOT3,but not DOT3 to 4.
  8. Thanks Craig, that was one of my concerns,how the wing fitted to the upper panel,my original front was too rotten & this one hasn't been repaired properly,I did wonder if it should be recessed.
  9. Well I haven't touched my Cortina for a long time,too long to be honest. I have started looking at the front end to see what I need. The front end that I got many years ago has been 'restored' at some time,but needs doing again,nothing seems to fit correctly & both sides are different. If anyone has any pics of a stripped,unmolested front end I can use for reference that would be great, Cheers.
  10. That's what I thought johnny boy, I haven't seen any more.
  11. Although I haven't touched my Cortina for a long time,I still lookout for Cortina stuff. I have just got this newspaper supplement off ebay,I haven't seen one before.
  12. I'm sure you can get universal ones from the motor factors,just need to know what size you need.
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