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  1. Keeps me reminded of what i have to do,got to do another one now
  2. Got the nearside front seat mounting done,i'm not too sure if it is right yet,as i don't have any front seats,but i think it is close. Another job crossed off the list.
  3. Deano66

    1967 Corsair

    Great looking car
  4. Car looks great mate,a big well done,now time to enjoy it
  5. Looks great with the stripes on.
  6. Good work on the repairs,car looks great
  7. A post & forward panel finished,bonnet hinge mounting screwed into place,can't weld on until inner wing is repaired. Repaired the hole in the bulkhead.
  8. Looking good,at least the inner sill looks to be ok.
  9. It sure does mate,another bit crossed off
  10. A post & forward panel just about finished,so while i had the car upside down,i decided to fit the jacking point,another job done.
  11. Looks & sounds good
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