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  1. Try backing off the rod between pedal & master cylinder,sounds like you haven't got enough clearance.
  2. I understand where you're coming from mate,will be a shame though.
  3. Keep it in the garage mate. Use it or work on it when you want to. I think you will regret selling it if you do.
  4. Not done anything for a while,i pushed the car out a few weeks ago to get my trailer into the yard & had a clear up. Have now removed the nearside inner wing. New inner wing screwed into place.
  5. I made my rotisserie for my MK3 estate & the bumper mounts are ok. I don't know about the saloon,but the rear bumper mounts on the estate are different at the back,the offside one is further in.
  6. Good luck with your search mate,i have tried to find out were my Cortina was supplied from. Back when we could,i got the previous owners from the DVLA,but it doesn't show the supplying dealer.It was registered in Nottingham,so i contacted Sandicliffe Ford who are still open,but their records don't go back far enough. I contacted Ford UK to see if they could tell me which dealer supplied it,but they said they were unable to,due to data protection.Hope you have better luck
  7. Great looking car mate
  8. No mate,mine hasn't & i'm sure the saloons don't. They overlap the rear wing & are spot welded to the wing. This how i did mine,i guess the saloon will be the same.
  9. Yeah,not cheap mate. If the one on your scrap car is good,then it sounds like a plan.
  10. Is this the one John ?? https://www.motomobil.com/en/products/floorpan-longitudinal-member-rear-left-hand-under-boot-not-es-25428012-2
  11. Looking good mate,nice & neat & well done to Craig for the trims
  12. Good news Steve,on the MOT & the jab
  13. No worries Tony,i should be back on it again soon. Hope you're getting on ok ??
  14. Good to hear you got your white board out mate,they can fill up pretty quick when you start adding jobs to them, Good old Roy Castle was right,we do need dedication & a lot of it to get these cars done, Thanks mate,i'm getting there slowly
  15. Keeps me reminded of what i have to do,got to do another one now
  16. Got the nearside front seat mounting done,i'm not too sure if it is right yet,as i don't have any front seats,but i think it is close. Another job crossed off the list.
  17. Deano66

    1967 Corsair

    Great looking car
  18. Car looks great mate,a big well done,now time to enjoy it
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