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  1. Well after further research I thought I would post so that anyone else that has the configuration of an early Capri 1600 with the Type 3 box Basically the release bearing you need is a BHG4546 , this has a 31mm bore and will be a perfect fit over the input housing, the problem is that its a curved bearing and therefore you will need a flat fingered Clutch plate Alternative is to use the ECB114 and sand the castellations off to make it from a 30 to a 31mm. Hopefully this will help someone
  2. Sorry to post on this old thread, but I have exactly the same problem , and I am going mad, I was even considering that a 34mm bearing on a 30mm shaft must be correct. Did anyone identify the correct bearing to use? Thanks Terry
  3. Thanks. It's weird there seems to be no offset info on the internet about Cortinas All the best Terry
  4. Hello I am trying to sell a set of alloys to someone here in France. They are 6J x 13 ET12 Wolfrace Originals Will they fit a Cortina Mk3 without wheel arch modification? Thanks Terry
  5. Thanks, will give it a go, sand, heat and a French 12mm pipe bender 🙂 cheers Terry
  6. Thanks for the info, its funny it looks as if it goes straight down with a kink? I may be able to bend my standard 2731 oil pick up?
  7. Hello Anyone running an A3 camshaft, basically trying to establish whether to change up from my A2 when the engine comes out? Thanks Terry
  8. Thanks, yes its a 6bolt pre crossflow engine from an earlty Mk 2 Cortina A 2731 casting I think thats the pipe that Burton sells? Thanks Terry
  9. Hello I managed recently to get an alloy trough sump, total depth is about 140mm with the hole in the internal baffle in the centre. The engine is a 2731 1500 Pre Crossflow so it has the Crossflow hole for the oil pick up. Anyone any ideas on what I can get for the oil pick up as the current one goes straight down i.e front bowl type. Thanks Terry
  10. A3 camshaft wanted View Advert A3 camshaft wanted , with or without 11mm followers. thanks Terry Advertiser SirRobin Date 02/07/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted  
  11. A3 camshaft wanted with or without followers 11.1mm Thanks Terry (posted to UK address)
  12. Anyone? Thanks Terry i have a UK address for it to be posted to if that makes a difference.
  13. I am after one of the reduced depth trough sumps, I think they may have been made for Westfields For a 6 bolt crank type engine Thanks Terry
  14. Problem is being in France, I would pay anything up to £150 just in postage to get the block here. I don’t think you would get a Lotus 6 bolt crank block for less than about £600 I think the plan will be to leave it to the machinist and ask him to centralise the bores and then check. Thanks for the advice chaps. Terry
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