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  1. A3 camshaft wanted View Advert A3 camshaft wanted , with or without 11mm followers. thanks Terry Advertiser SirRobin Date 02/07/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted  
  2. A3 camshaft wanted with or without followers 11.1mm Thanks Terry (posted to UK address)
  3. Anyone? Thanks Terry i have a UK address for it to be posted to if that makes a difference.
  4. I am after one of the reduced depth trough sumps, I think they may have been made for Westfields For a 6 bolt crank type engine Thanks Terry
  5. Posssbly, thanks a lot :-) Terry
  6. Only a very expensive one now :-(
  7. Wanted AC made Speedometer for mk 1 Cortina, I only want the internals so condition unimportant. I have either a UK or French address to send to Thanks Terry
  8. Thanks for the post, I am interested in the plain one, is that the one with the bigger thread? How much for one, uk post? Thanks Terry
  9. Anyone got an original plain ball gear knob either from an Anglia or Cortina? Thanks Terry
  10. Thanks everyone, I will try to find a BMC one and alter the thread. Thanks again Terry PS Car being sprayed :-) (Same colour as that electric Jaguar E Type)
  11. Would an early Cortina be the one I want. Just after something with a bottom left R, ball shape and a bit of patena. Cheers Terry
  12. Hello Anyone got one of these lying around? Cheers Terry
  13. i think I got a bargain.
  14. I still can't get over the price of a sump! 😬
  15. Well, just did the deal. £450 for a complete 2731E engine and 105E bellhousing and Corsair gearbox, inc front bowl sump Lots of parts but gives me everything I need Sorry I couldn’t buy yours as well Mr Slammed. Thanks Terry
  16. What just for the sump??? !!!!!
  17. Thanks, can you check the size of bores as well. Presumably I would need a sump, rear carrier, front cover , cam , followers , sprocket. Cheers Terry PS I have had another offer of an engine (2731E) but its a bit more money but it has all these bits, and more stuff that would only be spare. Anybody any idea what the going rate for a sump etc is?
  18. Cheers, seems that a 2737E is an Xflow 1600cc http://www.cortina-mk1classifieds.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-1368.html
  19. Hello I am after a 1500cc engine, with either 4 or 6 bolt crank, suitable for rebuilding as a spare for my car I would have a courier pick up , all you would have to do is tie to a pallet Thanks Terry
  20. Thanks but don't worry , see above replies.
  21. It must be due to the fact I have a non standard cover but I had quite large shims without fouling the cover. That's before I learn't about the real problem , see https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/73718-no-oil-to-rockers-pre-crossflow-engine/
  22. Don’t worry found that I actually have the correct pushrods, just need to either shim or buy taller posts :-(
  23. Wanted 1500gt pushrods I believe they are 188mm Anyone with a set spare? Thanks Terry
  24. Wanted Alloy Rocker cover with low oil cap at radiator end. Breather either in cap or separate. To fit Pre Crossflow engine with A2 Cam Thanks Terry
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