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  1. Hi all just changed my gear box in my mk3 cortina. Now have type 9 gearbox. I need the whole gearbox mount. Anyone who has one please message cash waiting thanx in advance
  2. Engine gear box which is a mt75 and clutch exhaust ecu wiring the lot 800 pound
  3. Contact do it sideways on this site steve has something good for sale with some work
  4. I have one for sale in great condition
  5. Expressed steels . Google them pete cee used one so did I good luck mate
  6. I've got an mt75 gear box in it but its not the sierra one can't change the bell housing on so I'm told be retro ford. It's married up with the 24v cosworth lump so
  7. hi thanks for the heads up. I have retro ford sorting that for me. Kind regards glen
  8. Great how much do you want for it regards glen. Ps I bought a lot of things off earlier this year regards glen
  9. Look for a type 9 gearbox for my mk3 cortina have a duratec lump but need a type 9 gear box regards glen
  10. Forsale is my cosworth engine it comes with loom and ecu. No gearbox. There is also available a full stainless still exhaust it's brand new it has been fitted to the car but the car has only travelled 50 miles with it. The exhaust comes with life time guarantee from supplier the invoice for this will be given to the new keeper. If interested please contact me regards glen
  11. Forsale is my 24 bob cosworth engine. I have had it in my cortina that was built by Steve taylor who is on this site a fair bit. I am going down another avenue with my cortina. So the engine is for sale it comes with wIring and ecu. I also have the power steering rack for sale. I also have for sale a life time guarantee stainless steel exhaust for it. I have the original recept which cost £450.00. Since it was fitted the car has done no more that 50 miles. If interested in any of the above please leave a message or email me lapidge2001@yahoo.co.uk I'm in hertfordhire
  12. Hi could you tell.me the colour of the steering wheel is it black
  13. Trying to contact Steve Taylor who built my new purchase

    . A 24v cosworth mk3 cortina. Looking forward to using the forum

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