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  1. Is the near side A-post where the door's bolt on any good? price and post please.
  2. les

    mk5 2dr door cards.

    Hi looking for a set of brown mk5 2dr front and rear door cards/handles gl style etc for my car, cash waiting. cheers
  3. hi spud, could you email the pics of the seats to stephen.hume2@ntlworld.com


  4. les

    mk5 seats for sale

    Are these still for sale, any pics? are they brown gl seats.
  5. les

    Breaking mk5s

    What colour is the interior and spec gl/ghia?
  6. I'm camping at the new site on the Saturday, will we all be getting together though and going for a cruise on the Saturday afternoon?
  7. Puts me off owning a classic ford or any other classic car for that matter, I drive round Leicester a lot for my job delivering concrete, i will defo keep my eyes open for it, hope it turns up.
  8. How much for the wings and rear valence? cheers steve
  9. Hi jim, 2nd thorts can i have these instead? i want a pair really instead of the nos one, sorry jim :thumbup:
  10. Yep, i'll have that off you jim, can u keep hold of it for a couple of weekends? not got the other side door stashed away anywhere have you? :thumbup:
  11. That was a fantastic day, i loved steve's mk5 gls turbo! we should do it again!!!
  12. Me and my mate are both going in our saff cozzy's down from Melton Mowbray, I'm having to leave my mk5 2 door on the drive, no tax on it at the moment :-( :(
  13. Nice work fella! got a 2 door mk5 tina myself and a k plate sapphire cosworth 4x4, would love to combine the two like your doing but alas my mechanical skills are just not up to the job, you seem to be a dab hand at it tho nice work! keep the updates coming!! :thumbup: :winner:
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