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  1. Very good, Bigger pictures Nige. I have done this swap here in Australia. 6 years ago . I had a que at the front door , the phone was ringing off the wall with interest on doing the swap. Most of the Aussie guys love there JAP swaps. More common and easier to find back then than Zetec's. It was well worth the time for me as my car ia on the road all year round as my daily drive. Just wish i could post pics for you all . For some reason the system used dosen't work for me...
  2. I have a NOS Ford rear valance for a MK1 Cortina Estate. If you still need one send me a PM and i can send you a picture or too. Rich.
  3. Hi all I am looking for a complete set or as much as i can find from anyone to make a set of side body trim for a Mark 1 Cortina 2 door. I have nothing... Any help would be great. Please PM me. I will check also the listing,, Cheers Rich :thumbup:
  4. You will need to change the studs in the halfshafts as the 9'' drums are thicker in the centre and need a shoulder to sit on. I have heard in the past the same thing about the flange being slightly further out. I'd use your halfshafts you have and the wors't case is you would have to get a very small amount machined off the rear edge of the brake drum. The backing plate for the shoes will bolt straight on no worries. Hope this help a little. RICH.
  5. Cheers Daz, Been away so in catch up mode. Still looking for the consol part at the top of the Post. Rich.
  6. Captin Crayford


    High all Looking for the rectangular trim pat infornt of the gear stick for the series 2 E and GT centre Consol.See picture, Must have no holes, Any colour will do.Any help would be great. P.M. or leave a message. Cheers Rich
  7. Hi Daz Does it look like this?.. If so i need one please. I have a UK address and can pay you pounds or paypal. RICH.
  8. No No6 Packet in stock but i do have this... :icecream:
  9. Great Job Mr Blue... :thumbup: Good to see you have got time and the weather to get started again...
  10. Looking great, it will turna corner once you get to primer then paint. Its come a long way.. Well done and a great effort. :thumbup:
  11. Thats how i operate guys. Won't start a car /project till all the parts are in the shed ready to go..I have found out over the years this is the best way..
  12. Straight six motors. Here you go, Hit the Aussie Cortina's FB Public Page.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/448890021865017/
  13. Well come on then the both of you.LOL..Plenty of Cortina's here. More mk3,4,5 around to buy. MK4's are the most available. Some with V8's and most with 6 cylinder 4.1 Litre motors and 4 cylinders New panels do pop do from time to time Greg, More likely to find a mint second hand one...
  14. Hi Greg. I'm in Brisbane Happy to help out if need be. Just shoot me a PM.. RICH.
  15. Hey Nick, All good thanks. Still here and loving every minute..lol..Still got the fleet. All good with you??...
  16. Greg Have you tried here in Australia. There are lots and lots of mk4 and mk5 Cortinas here. These are all R.H.D. Just a thought,,
  17. CORRECT DAVE..So many folks know better than the manufacturer...
  18. Very nice Dave, i know what you mean i had to get the cover for my Zetec, I have fooled a few folks here thinking its a BDA..lol.. Looks the part though,, The whole car is going to look great in the Green. Nice choice, Good to be a little different..
  19. When you fitted the engine and box did you set the correct drive line angle. I have had prop vibrations in the past at 60 mph. Give the feeling through your seat and vibration. If the uj's arn't in phase with each other then this will damage the engine and drive train as sadly you have found out. I feel for you,all the hard work. Good luck on the repairs.. :thumbup:
  20. Great to see you are back on the Case.. :thumbup: Love following your progress.
  21. Thanks for all the input everyone,, Given me plenty to think on.. I'll what i can come up with.. :thumbup:
  22. Top Man!! :thumbup: . Thanks for all the info. i have some of the balls to push the rams onto. and a pair of rams from an old holden but i think they are to long for the job. What size/ length did you use on the MK1. They would be close for the MK2 i would think..
  23. Ah yes, this was one of the things that i had thought about, the geometry.. :headscratch: . Not a strong point with me lol... I would think that one end would be fixed to the hinge mounting plate as the pivot point then the other end to the bonnet, stating the obvious i know, this would depend on the length of the strut. Something Ford fiesta hatch length might be the go... One problem i have is there are no Fiesta's here in Aus... so would need a measurement.. Mk1 or MK2 Models. :thumbup:
  24. Hi All I'm looking at fitting gas struts to my Mk2 Cortina Bonnet. Has anyone done this?, i'm sure there must be out there. If so any help would be great, like length of the struts and a pic or two of mounting points. Cheers.. :thumbup:
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