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  1. Thanks Sir Craig, gen ford one would be great if it's a snug fit on the old pipe Never meaused it before mines only a 46mm and doesn't stick out very far
  2. Hi, any recommendation for a decent quality chrome exhaust tailpipe trim for a 1600 Cortina...preferably not made in Chyna ?
  3. I 'repaired' my seat foams by cutting out the damaged section and glueing in new sections and sculpting them with a bread knife. ..then used a steamer to restore the bouncyness . You can buy sheets of 6 or 8mm foam in various densities on ebay and glue them on to give more padding if needed.
  4. Hi all, hope everyone had a good Christmas and made progress with their projects. Big thanks again to everyone whose given friendly advice and help on here. Especially Craig at Sheffield Cortina centre whose been unfailingly kind and helpful with suggestions and sorting me out with a few parts . ..and the guy in Liverpool who sold me a complete interior and gave me a carburettor with manifold (sorry I can't remember your name it was a good few years ago).Classic car people are the best I know this has been covered before but I cant find the post...I'm setting the tie bars on the front suspension and iirc the procedure is to set the wheel centres to 101.5 inches? Is this correct ? atb
  5. Thanks chaps Replaced the pump gasket with one that was supposed to be for a Cosworth engine and no more leaks since. Suspect the origonal gasket had shrunk or just a poor quality Chinese copy. Used a bit of the black gasket silicone too for belt and braces. Need to get some anti freeze in now and flush the rust out.
  6. Maybe a washer or two under the engine bracket would work .. unless the rubber is split or badly perished ?
  7. I was wondering if these would work ..they dont look as tall but could be shimmed with washers https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202513741955?hash=item2f26c27883:g:o1QAAOSw~bhb-Ylk
  8. Thanks Sir Craig. Had a look under tonight and can't see anything coming out the hole so I guess the pump is okay ? . Took the fan and radiator out but still can't see where the leak is coming from ..it's pooling around the crank pulley. Think the pump will have to come off next ..im wondering if the gasket has failed the bolts all seem pretty tight
  9. Hi , trying to get a few jobs done on the Cortina Have a water leak around the front pulley that's been getting steadily worse. Noticed there is quite a bit of water coming out the exhaust..hoping it's just condensation from all the stop starts and not something serious like a cracked block or problem with the unleaded valve seats.. Car has been stood for decades previously so could be frost damaged for all i know.. Has done 65k miles and compressions are 185 -190 on all cylinders so it's not in bad order except the water leaking issues. Suspect the water pump but it's an almost brand new part from Burton Power. Have these been known to be faulty ? Thanks all
  10. Just to update this saga..and give a hat tip to Past Parts! They sorted me out with a new old stock master cylinder to replace mine with a damaged tank. Not that cheap but worth it to have the origonal type with a new set of seals fitted. Inner wing repainted again, bled up and finally no leaks.!
  11. Thanks I will give them a try, did your master cylinder come back all ready to fit ?
  12. Thanks Dave. It's a red tag on mine. Unfortunately the plastic tank got cracked removing it to change the rubbers and had to be sealed with JB weld so I doubt it will be worth repairing...but id rather keep it origonal spec if i can rather than go down the Land Rover route
  13. Hi all, Bad times! After holding the golden fluid for over a year my brake master cylinder has leaked all over the newly painted inner wing . Noticed the level has dropped and the fluid is running down the face of the servo. I guess the options are a re sleeve or a Land rover part. It's already had the bore cleaned up with emery and new seals fitted. Would this Land Rover part fit the servo ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291300864337 Which brake pipe unions would I need to order (presume the Ford uses metric and the land rover is imperial. Thanks all
  14. Hi, hope everyone in Cortinaland had a good Christmas. Happy new year all. Thanks to everyone that's helped me out over the last year with advice or just contributed here to provide inspiration. Especially Sheffield Cortina centre . Special Thanks to Mr Craig top fella . Hopefully the mk3 will get back on the road in 2021 after 37 years laid up!...was hoping to have the car finished but work and decorating have got in the way again!
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