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  1. Thanks I will give them a try, did your master cylinder come back all ready to fit ?
  2. Thanks Dave. It's a red tag on mine. Unfortunately the plastic tank got cracked removing it to change the rubbers and had to be sealed with JB weld so I doubt it will be worth repairing...but id rather keep it origonal spec if i can rather than go down the Land Rover route
  3. Hi all, Bad times! After holding the golden fluid for over a year my brake master cylinder has leaked all over the newly painted inner wing . Noticed the level has dropped and the fluid is running down the face of the servo. I guess the options are a re sleeve or a Land rover part. It's already had the bore cleaned up with emery and new seals fitted. Would this Land Rover part fit the servo ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291300864337 Which brake pipe unions would I need to order (presume the Ford uses metric and the land rover is imperial. Thanks all
  4. Hi, hope everyone in Cortinaland had a good Christmas. Happy new year all. Thanks to everyone that's helped me out over the last year with advice or just contributed here to provide inspiration. Especially Sheffield Cortina centre . Special Thanks to Mr Craig top fella . Hopefully the mk3 will get back on the road in 2021 after 37 years laid up!...was hoping to have the car finished but work and decorating have got in the way again!
  5. Comrades, any tips on fitting the boot lock appreciated. How do you fit the retaining clip without a miniature brass hand?. Thanks
  6. Thanks ghia, found the blown bulb I think it's a T5 1.2watt sort although some the same size are 2.3w.
  7. Hi all, just a quick question..does anyone know how the heater control panel is illuminated?, thanks all
  8. Lovely work rock solid, looking forward to seeing the onyx paint on
  9. Thanks Beeper. I couldn't get a decent sound out of the MW Ford radio so it had to go. It's a bit bright at night but can live with that! Will try the clip without rivets👍. With new halogen bulbs the lights are better than my Renault megane.. didnt realise the old Lucas lamps had got so dull.
  10. Fitting the new old stock Lucas H4's today. Needed a bit of heat to get the old mounting blocks off and a hole needed opening out slightly.
  11. It's value for money. I like the fact the case is only 2 inches deep and its light as a cork so can be supported by just the dash binnnacle. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Car-Radio-Bluetooth-Stereo-Player-MP3-USB-SD-AUX-FM-In-dash-Head-Unit-UK/373119166940?hash=item56dfa2a9dc:g:cswAAOSwTAhesSRh
  12. Fitted my new Chinese wireless in the dash tonight. It was £15 on ebay so wasnt expecting much but it's actually okay!. Handy to be able to blueteeth music from the phone and FM reception is good. Bit of wire around the screen rubber for an aerial seems to work fine. Original plan was to put it in the glovebox and fit an old Ford radio but its got a period look to it.. I had to grind down the din facia slightly so it fits snugly in the Cortina dash.
  13. Been off Cortina duty repointing the house but its good to be back. Thanks Sir Craig...I presume the clip go in this hole. Might leave them off as they are crusty and seems okay without
  14. Do you mean they clip onto the top edge of the door glass and move with it ?..or sit in the top of the frame ? .
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