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  1. Thanks for your message Walter mk3 I may put a bid in and use mine as a spare. Is the reservoir free on yours ? Mine works okay it just leaks when the piston is at the top of the cylinder all over my new underbonnet paint 😞. There is a large pit just beyond the opening that I have filled with JB weld. Mine was sat for about 30 years with old brake fluid in I had to cut the reservoir spigot to get it off so I'm going to have to fix this back on with more epoxy.
  2. Hi, I just found out my brake master cylinder is ruined after buying a seal kit. The bore is badly eroded causing a leak of brake fluid onto my new paintwork 😞. Has anyone got a 64679155 master cylinder for a mk3 with a serviceable bore... Thanks :)
  3. All salvageable, would knock back with a block of wood and large sledgehammer they arent very strong there.Need to make sure the chassis rails arent under any tension.
  4. How bad is it....could you put some timber across the transmission tunnel and push the inner valance back with the hydraulic jack. Then weld on the slide hammer and pull the valance back into shape tapping down the high spots. Or get a spoon in from behind to lever it out . If necessary cut a section of the outer valance out to straighten the inner panel. Only you would ever know it had been done if you cut it with a slitting disc and butt weld it back in and your handy with a hammer and dolly.
  5. Thanks for looking anyway.. a bit of bodgery has sorted it :cheers:
  6. That's what I have done as I can't lay my hands on a Sierra backplate..it was about a hole width out on the starter bolts so I've cut the plate and re-welded. The cut out for the starter body needed a bit of work too. :cheers:
  7. Hi all, I need a type 9 5 speed gearbox back plate if anyone has one for sale?. I just found out the 4 speed backplate doesn't fit the position of the starter is slightly different. :cheers:
  8. The oil has certainly done it's job. Lovely car worth every penny.
  9. Nice combination 5 speed box and 2 litre axle...what is the rpm at 70mph if you don't mind me asking ?. I'm worried my 1600 is still going to be a bit low geared with just a 5 speed box and std axle. Hope yours finds a good home... no substitute for an original unwelded car it must have had a decent ziebart type treatment early on.
  10. Hi, Hope you don't mind if I ask how much it cost to have your seats re-trimmed ?. Did you have yours covered in beta cloth ?

    Thanks Steve

    I will message

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