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  1. PeterE

    2.3 Ghia interior

    Hi, just to clarify the 2 most asked questions. Location is Norfolk UK and the interior is a 2 tone green. Camera not the best, sorry. Regards Peter
  2. Hello all, About 21 years ago when my 2.3 Ghia Cortina, Mk4 I think...finally bit the dust I stored the interior with the promise one day I'd buy another and have the lovely interior all ready and waiting. It never happened, 2 days ago I went and got it all unpacked with the idea of selling it all. Here are some pics :) Most are in great condition, certainly the seats, I truly have no idea on price before anyone asks, I'll have to rely on interested parties to make offers. I would greatly prefer it all to go to one person but of course would split if this isn't possible. Everything I have here are in the pics....apart from the rear seats from a Mk3 XR3i. Kind regards Peter.
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