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  1. mike1968uk


  2. Hi all. Has anyone got a pair of good black front inertia seatbelts please for my early 73 mk3 ? The buckle has decided to eat mine. Thanks in advance Mike
  3. bring on the warm weather

  4. hiya everyone i am looking to get a mk3 cortina L badge for the prefacelift i am also looking for the gutter stainless trim for the same four door vinyl roof type much appreciated thanks mike
  5. UPDATE managed to get the piston/plunger out to but still looking for a servo with master, thanks
  6. hiya, has anyone got a working servo and master cylinder for my 1.6L crossflow mk3, master cylinder has sprung a leak i do have the seal kit but not a clue how to get the pistons out lol, but was thinking while it is off i could upgrade to a servo, would be very gratefull thanmks for reading mike
  7. hiya i am looking for the gutter trim for my 73 mk3, i am going to fit a vinyl roof back on it as it came from the factory ordered, has anyone got the pair for a 4 door? if so how much posted? thanks for reading mike
  8. thanks all, steve (do it sideways) thanks for the parts, top man
  9. thanks, will keep it in mind over the next few days to see if i can get the orig, if not i will let you know, thanks
  10. hello all, i am after a indicator stalk for my newly purchased tina, it is a 1973 prefacelift 1.6L xflow, i am based in rotherham, i have it on good authority that the later model one also fits, is there any about? would love to get it out for a drive as a week into owning her and the stalk burnt out am a little gutted but hey rather it go now than later, thanks for reading, mike
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