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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a 3 bolt gearbox turret if anyone has one available for sale or in a pile of old parts that they want to sell. thanks Graeme 07867696960
  2. Hi, Does anyone have a decent Mk5 heater control for sale without any of the temp/fan speed/heat direction decals and background scratched or missing? I've tried one of the ebay cover up stickers which are great in the day but block the dash light when on. thanks Graeme
  3. hi Steve, I've sorted the issue i have with mine and no longer need one. cheers Graeme
  4. whereabouts are you Steve and how much do you want for it?
  5. Does anyone have a dual pipe sender unit for a Mk5, working and available for sale?
  6. I've got one Jon .. windscreen too if you need it? i'm in Lincoln
  7. Hi, Does anyone have a good quality or new rad for sale? I need one for a 1980 Mk5 2.0 manual .. the type with the inlet and outlet pointing outwards towards the wings. I can collect within a 50 mile radius of Lincoln or pay for postage. thanks Graeme
  8. Hi, I'm interested in the gearbox mount, does the price include postage? thanks Graeme
  9. Hi, Does anyone have any half decent or decent Mk5 over riders for sale? i need two .. one for the OS front and the other for the NS rear. thanks Graeme
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a set of disc brake back plates in a reasonable state they can part with? I also need the following Uncut or damaged Ghia rear door cards in Bitter Chocolate (dark brown to you and me!) A 1980 Ford radio/cassette Boot carpet with spare wheel cover Rear seat to luggage compartment cover - the fibre board Jack and wheel brace in the bag if possible thanks Graeme
  11. Does any one have a new set of inlet and exhaust valves with new springs available for sale? thanks Graeme
  12. Does anyone have an inlet manifold and twin choke carb for a 1500 MK1 pre-crossflow? Would consider twin side drafts too. thanks Graeme
  13. I'm after a pre-crossflow 4 branch manifold for a 1500 Mk1 Cortina. When you've found the correct one can you contact me ASAP? cash waiting cheers
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