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  1. stavgtti

    Mk2 door hinges

    No problem. So it seems I need two top fronts then. Thanks
  2. stavgtti

    Mk2 door hinges

    Im in need of both the O/S and N/S top door hinge for 2 door mk2. Located around the Surrey area so could pick up if local. From what I can tell the top and bottom hinges are different (top is larger) and are unique to each side. So an O/S rear 4 door top hinge should fit an O/S 2 door top, could anyone confirm if this is right? Thanks in advance.
  3. A friends mk2 cortina needs the rear upper panel replacing. Would prefer NOS but a good condition used panel would be considered. Thanks
  4. The bit in the link looks the same as what I already have so I guess the plastic bit I have must be wrong. I'll try the owners club and see if they can help. Thanks
  5. I'm in need of 2 washer jets for a mk2 cortina also the two parts of the latch that keep the glove box closed, both the metal bit on the door and the plastic bit that attaches to the liner. I already have the glove box bits on my car but they don't seem to work together as it seems the metal bit on the door is too small for the plastic clip and won't hold it at all. May be from a models? Cheers
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