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  1. The One without the adjuster please mate. thanks
  2. Money sent Craig, and ai have included my address in the Paypal message πŸ‘ cheers mate.
  3. Cheers Craig, will get that sorted via PayPal πŸ‘
  4. Did you have any luck with that part at all a Craig? cheers mate πŸ‘
  5. Does anybody have an old rusty rectangular headlamp that still has one of the black plastic lug things still attached, one of mine is missing and I can’t fit the headlamp without it. I have attached a few pics of item in question.Thanks in advance for any help. πŸ‘
  6. Thanks for checking πŸ‘
  7. Does anybody have a spare headlamp bezel for a 4 headlamp grill, it’s the little chrome one that sits over the headlamp. I have a grill and one is missing.thanks in advance πŸ‘
  8. Don't think mine will ever look that good, lovely car πŸ‘
  9. Corty1


    Thanks that's good of you πŸ‘ I will endeavour to get sorted ASAP on it. Cheers
  10. Corty1


    Hi, sorry for my delay in answering you, I got bogged down with problems with my own car. I am definitely interested in the parts but I now find I need to shell out on some panels for mine, so I guess it will depend on how quickly you need the sale and collection done. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi Shawn, the GXL has a different dash to mine, 2000E's had the later dashes πŸ‘
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