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  1. Hi, are these still for sale please? If yes how much do you want for them and where are you located? Thanks
  2. Still looking if anybody can help.
  3. Haven’t heard from V8 Bri in ages, wonder what’s happened there πŸ€”?
  4. That looks like a nice car Steve, well done πŸ‘
  5. This for the red one Steve, or have you bought another one ?πŸ™‚
  6. Hi, I am after the boot floor plastic drain plugs X3 that fit in the boot floor wheel well, can anybody help please. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  7. Received the plug today Craig, cheers mate, it’s really appreciated πŸ‘
  8. Hi Craig, it’s the smaller one on the right that need, even the 1 you have there would help me along thanks. How much posted please mate? Thanks πŸ‘
  9. Good evening, Would anybody have any of the plastic oblong floor bungs that sit over the chassis rails on the mk3-5 floor pans? These little things are stopping me progressing on with putting in my sound deadening pads into my car, could do with 3 if possible but even one at this point would be great. Thanks for your assistance in advance πŸ‘
  10. Thanks for checking mate, it is appreciated πŸ‘
  11. Ok mate, will wait to hear from you on it πŸ‘ Thanks
  12. Cheers, that’s appreciated πŸ‘
  13. Thanks for the info Pete πŸ‘
  14. Hi, hopefully I have managed to upload a photo. thanks
  15. Is there anybody breaking and automatic Mk3-5 shell at all ? I am looking for the panel that sits on the tunnel and has the aperture that holds the gear shifter on it. If anybody can help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance πŸ‘
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