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  1. Does anybody have one of these please, I removed it when I painted the cambelt cover and now it has just vanished πŸ™„.thanks in advance πŸ‘
  2. Hi, I have sent you a pm πŸ‘πŸ™‚. thanks
  3. Ok mate, hope the storm does not do any harm πŸ‘
  4. Hi mate,?any update on the boot floor mat at all πŸ™‚. cheers
  5. If it’s not ripped then I am happy with either type to be honest. I think I have bought from you before. Could you do a pic by any chance? cheers Paul
  6. Corty1

    Blue airbox

    I think I have a spare one if you still need it Ian
  7. Still looking , if anybody can help please,
  8. Does anybody have a good condition boot carpet/mat for the MK3-5 Cortina they could sell me? any help appreciated thanks Paul
  9. i am coming very close to acquiring all the parts for my 2000E, what I still need is a pair of door mirrors. I have got pre drilled holes which have a centre diameter of 65mm, would anybody on here have similar hole diamater mirrors that they could sell me? Or if anybody had a set like in the picture I could fit them and get the holes welded up at some point when a respray is being done.thanks in advance guys and gals
  10. Sorry Craig, I did not notice your reply, I will get them removed over the next few days. cheers πŸ‘
  11. Cheers Craig, the barrel on the drivers side is jammed so it needs replacing, the boot doors and ignition all have different keys so I would like if at all possible to get one key to fit all them.
  12. I’m looking for a lock set for a MK3 Cortina that has the same key for all locks, can anybody help? Thanks
  13. No rush really ,Craig if you definitely have the bracket just put that aside until you find the bolt and I can buy both bits at once, saves postage πŸ‘
  14. Ok mate, will wait to hear from you πŸ‘
  15. Cheers Craig, how much for both posted mate? πŸ‘
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