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  1. Hi Brian, Yes £20 cheaper than the ones on E Bay. Still a lot for a couple of brackets.
  2. Thanks Brian, Nice tramp bars. The body brackets are more of a challenge at £325 for new repro ones.
  3. Yes, a small fortune new. That's why I thought I'd see if anyone's cut them off a shell or if any other ones fit. Escort ones are a tenth of the price. But, don't know if you can make them fit.
  4. Hi, As per title I'm in need of a pair of tramp bar to body brackets please. Thank You.
  5. As per title. I'm after a zetec exhaust manifold for a mk1 Cortina. preferably 4 into 1 or 4 into 2 into 1. Also , may be interested in any other conversion parts.
  6. Hi , Should read 691m or 711m preferably
  7. Hi, I'm sill in need of a 1600 crossflow block preferably late 691f or 711m plus good crank and mains caps. Don't mind condition of bores as long as it will take a rebore to 83.5mm Thanks
  8. Hi daz, My Cortina was auto when I bought it and used a standard Mk1 mount. Obviously the mounting point is a lot further back than a manual box
  9. Hi, As title .I'm after a good 1600 crossflow block.I would prefer a 711m if possible. Building a crossflow and found hair line crack in the bottom of the block where the sump bolts!! Thanks, Stuart
  10. Hi, I'm after a Fuel Tank filler neck & rubber (if possible ) for a Mk1 Cortina as having to convert from Mk2 tank to Mk1 tank. Any help sourcing one will be much appreciated. Thank You
  11. Hi Pete, How much are you looking for ? Sounds a nice engine Regards, Stuart
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