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  1. Hi, Need a Weber 32 DFM for my sons MK2 Cortina. Wondered why the car was running rough ..there's a crack down the body of the carb!!!! Ideally would like a complete functional carb or, one we can use the body from. Thanks, Stuart
  2. fiestachaser


    Great looking Mk1!
  3. Hi Brian, Yes £20 cheaper than the ones on E Bay. Still a lot for a couple of brackets.
  4. Thanks Brian, Nice tramp bars. The body brackets are more of a challenge at £325 for new repro ones.
  5. Yes, a small fortune new. That's why I thought I'd see if anyone's cut them off a shell or if any other ones fit. Escort ones are a tenth of the price. But, don't know if you can make them fit.
  6. Hi, As per title I'm in need of a pair of tramp bar to body brackets please. Thank You.
  7. As per title. I'm after a zetec exhaust manifold for a mk1 Cortina. preferably 4 into 1 or 4 into 2 into 1. Also , may be interested in any other conversion parts.
  8. Hi , Should read 691m or 711m preferably
  9. Hi, I'm sill in need of a 1600 crossflow block preferably late 691f or 711m plus good crank and mains caps. Don't mind condition of bores as long as it will take a rebore to 83.5mm Thanks
  10. Hi daz, My Cortina was auto when I bought it and used a standard Mk1 mount. Obviously the mounting point is a lot further back than a manual box
  11. Hi, As title .I'm after a good 1600 crossflow block.I would prefer a 711m if possible. Building a crossflow and found hair line crack in the bottom of the block where the sump bolts!! Thanks, Stuart
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