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  1. With the sensible age of a lot of the members on the site, facebook can be viewed as sometimes troublesome! so best not to join.
  2. deltamal

    Heater box.

    Hi, I think I've found them all at the back of my garage! if any are missing I will give you a shout, thanks for your reply
  3. deltamal

    Heater box.

    Hi, the newer plastic one would be fine as long as it fits ok, not looking for originality as the car has been modified a bit!
  4. deltamal

    Heater box.

    I have tried the member search but it did not recognise the name......
  5. deltamal

    Heater box.

    I'm looking for a good condition heater box in the engine bay for my mk3, mine has got damaged and rusty over the years! also, the pipe that joins the heater box to the air vents inside, any left out there?
  6. I need a fuel tank sender for my Crusader estate as mine has rusted and is letting petrol seep out, is there one out there?
  7. deltamal

    Seat belts

    I'm looking for the support arms for a Mk5 estate rear seat belt set up, I've got the belts so just need the metalwork, any out there?
  8. deltamal

    Tank straps

    I'm looking for a pair of petrol tank straps for my Crusader estate, I've got a new tank but the straps have seen better days! the car lived in Scotland for a few years so I guess the salt may have got to them! any out there?
  9. MK5 window winder mechanism for the driver side required please, the gear on mine is missing a tooth and 'jumps' any out there?
  10. The bumpers look top quality Craig! no mean feat developing pressing and fabricating them, being 316 they will never rust and any scratches or dents can be polished out without affecting the surface, will you be attempting bumpers for the Mk3's? as mine are pitted and re-chroming seems to be hit and miss!
  11. deltamal

    Bumper clips.

    Hi, it's the first one that goes in the rectangular hole with a clip that pushes into the plastic molding, PM sent.
  12. deltamal

    Bumper clips.

    I'm after 2 clips that fix the end of the plastic bumper molding to the side of the wing on my Mk5 estate, had to do some rust repairs underneath, and they disintegrated when I levered them off... :( any out there?
  13. Ideal, I will come and see you on the Sunday :thumbup:
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