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  1. Not too many left are Crusader Estates I guess, mines taxed and going through the last bits of restoration, Iv'e got a prop-shaft vibration to sort probably a tired bearing and some rust on the rear valance and tailgate.
  2. I had a similar issue with carbs so I moved the battery into the boot, nearside behind the wheel arch and now use a a modern "stop start" type battery, no starting issues!
  3. On ebay, have a look @ retrocarseals2012, item no. 184302980528 could do the job best to check the suppler to make sure....
  4. Good idea! may keep them going a bit longer....
  5. The seat foam squabs have disintegrated a bit in my Mk3 and it's near impossible to get new ones, Aldridge trimming make them for Mk2's but guess they wouldn't fit, any suggestions where to get some? I don't really want to fit Recaros or similar but the seats are getting a bit uncomfortable!
  6. Thats good, I have already stripped the front one down, do you have an offside rear winder mechanism spare?
  7. The drivers window winder on my Crusader shed some of its inner nylon teeth a few years ago, I got a second hand one but it was the same, would the offside rear gear be the same? if so I could swap them over as the rear does not get the same use....
  8. Information required please! is there a difference between crownwheel and pinion sets fitted to Allas axles with standard axle and axles fitted with an LSD?
  9. deltamal


    I am looking for an offside front bumper overider for a Mk5, mine has dropped off! rusted brackets I guess, any out there?
  10. My Brother and I plan to be there again next year but we will be taking the Mk. 3 this time, it last did the trip in 2002 so it's had a good rest!
  11. One of my apprentice tasks was repairing bits and pieces of a Bultaco that one of the engineers used to trash in the Mendips most weekends! brake rods were a regular....
  12. I had the front springs on my Mk3 custom made by Sheffield springs, they have bee on for 10 years or so with no probs, rears are coil overs by Spax so not relevant, the springs on my Crusader were from Burtons, I bought them in 2012 so may have been from a different supplier to Burtons they are fine, guess they come from China now.....
  13. Ive got a cople of years of Custom car in my loft, late 70's I think, I need to have a browse through them again lots of tasteful young ladies adorning the cars! not pc these days.....
  14. Morning! missing the shows been for a few drives, painted the garage floor and walls + a complete re-wire of temporary wiring that I put in 45 years ago! all jobs to do sometime! time to start work on tarting the Crusader up.......
  15. Thank you for searching around, but I wouldent be happy with a fiberglass win, as they do look different.
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