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  1. Thanks - I'm honestly gutted as was about to get stuck in. Basically, I've had a workshop which was part of an old council tower block car park that was converted years ago. All fine until part of it flooded last week and the council have now asked me to vacate as they need to move their facilities from the flooded area into mine. As the lease has expired, there's not a lot I can do. I've agreed to move into a much smaller workshop on the same site but I need to downsize quickly and my other projects are dismantled and not easy to sell quickly. Ergo, the Cortina and Granada are the only ones that are movable right now. Storage space round here is pretty scarce and car repair workshops are even rarer now. Added to this is a change in work circumstances which means even less time to do fun stuff. Making a living has to come first though. Hopefully there'll be another opportunity to get another Cortina in the future. Just really disappointed not to be doing this one.
  2. Sadly due to a sudden change in circumstances and a loss of workshop space, I’ve had to list the above for sale on ebay which is a hateful place to try and sell anything. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK5-Restoration-Project/203034048518?hash=item2f45c5b806:g:0JYAAOSwsJ1e-NjR You may well remember this belonged to Tibbsy on here / it does need a lot of welding - details are in the listing. I’m gutted at having to let this one go as I was determined to get going but sadly I’ve no real choice. I’d prefer it went to an enthusiast if possible. I paid £1300 last year and I’d like to try and get back as much as possible. Please message me if you’re interested or want any further info. Thanks. Mike.
  3. Hi - Any chance of a few pics? I'm just buying a blue Mk5 from someone on here as a project and an interior will be a job to do at some point. Cheers
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