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  1. Pair of estate rear wings wanted used or nos or even just one single rear wing pm if have anything thanks
  2. Wanted mk1 automatic extra long type gearbox crossmember or even the gearbox wiv the mount its its about 6 and half inches wider than standard mk 1 gearbox mount
  3. Wanted mk1 front doors and n/s rear door for mk1 estate also pair of estate rear quarter wings in rot free condition used or nos pm if have anything to help out thanks
  4. Still after rear seat good condition for four door pre airflow type any colour blue grey black or green or just top part of gt rear seat airflow gt
  5. Front or rear screen wiv rubbers pair or just front or rear wiv OK rubber doesn't have to be perfect
  6. Daz1500gt

    Mk1 rear bumper

    Rear bumper for 64 mk1 wanted pref wiv brackets
  7. Daz1500gt

    Mk1 bonnet

    Wanted good bonnet bonnet pin holes ok doesn't have to be perfect but half decent tho
  8. Anyone got n/s 2 door mk1 silver trim for roof
  9. Top part of airflow gt rear seat wanted plus bonnet and pre airflow std steering wheel and set of top plates for inner wings
  10. Intrested in steering box and floors and possibly n/s inner wing ring me later if u can daz
  11. Cheers I'll spk to ya about it
  12. Mk1 gt rear exhaust strap
  13. Daz1500gt

    1500 engine

    Old git a sent a pm bout something
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