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  1. I called them and they said they havent done that part for some time :-(
  2. thanks for that dgo, anyone knows of any standard boxs fitted to an estate? is it much shorter?
  3. Hi all Has anyone a rear silencer for mk5 estate laying under the bed? Im in the south (london), cheers for looking guys
  4. guys, please help, the MOT place kindly patched my rear box up to get it through but i differently needs a new rear box, I've looked at that ero place link and its not showing Cortinas, any advice would be greatly welcomed, its a rear box for a 82 2lt mk5 estate, anyone got one under that bed maybe?
  5. Cheers Steve. Funny old world, I'm laying by a pool in the sun and I'm thinking of my tina back home lol
  6. Heya Just ordering an electronic ignition kit for my tina, i keep getting asked do I want to upgrade my coil. Why? Keeps asking do I want a red or blue coil upgrade, I'm confused.
  7. Thanks mate, looks like the exhaust is easy(ish) to get, I will just put in the leg work door knocking garages 👍
  8. Problem is I'm in no shape to get under the motor, just want to go to a place who could do it, I guess I could buy it and take it with me, can you do that?
  9. Hi I'm going to have to face facts, my 82 2lt Tina needs a new exhaust. Any good places down south (I'm London based) that can be recommended by any members? Cheers guys
  10. Hi guys After lock down I went to start my 82 2lt Tina and as I thought the battery was flat. I could easily charge it but I have charged it a number or times over the years and we are going on our hols next week so want to play it safe and get a good new one, but which is the best one and do you think my local halfords would stock it, it has square poles to. Thanks all.
  11. Anyone please got a pair of these for my mk5 estate? Please, I know they are hens teeth but its worth asking.
  12. Hi, I want to change the gearbox oil on my mk5 beloved manual 2lt Tina, can anyone recommend a hand pump etc to get the oil into the box. I haven't got a lift. Cheers all
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