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  1. I'm looking for steering column light stalks (switches). Please email me on joe@bost.org.uk Cheers guys Joe
  2. Hi Monkey Do you have the rear c post straps for the rear seat belts if they was fitted? Also do you have the headlight switch (steering wheel post lever) and indicator switch (steering wheel post lever) ? Email me at home if you want joe@bost.org.uk Cheers Joe
  3. Hi

    You was kind enough to get back to me regarding spraying my Mk5 bonnet. Sorry its taken an age to get back to you but 3 kids, holidays etc etc you get the picture.


    Can you let me know how much it will cost (cash) and can you get a good colour match?


    Its a standard dark ford blue.


    Can you please get back to me via my work email as I see that every day (every bloody hour)


    Cheers Joe



  4. Hi, would you have the link to Martins rebuild? I would love to she tina from day one
  5. Hi Do you have the c post rear seat belt holding straps?
  6. joemayhook


  7. Cheers FKLGLS, that's great news that I have a number of belt loops I can use. I bought Tina from Martins brother when he sadly passed away. I think I paid a bit over the odds for her (£4500) but it was a sentimental buy as it is the same model and colour as my dads Mk5 blue estate. it was an amazing buy, she is a fab family car and the kids (and wife) love her to bits, she has just had her MOT(walked it, the mechanic asked do I want to sell her). Martin done an amazing job and she looks and drives like new, I plan on having my Tina for many years to come. Only changes I have made is I have had a 5 speed box fitted and power steering. Other than that she looks like she has just rolled out from the showroom.
  8. I think the title says it all, im looking for rear seat belt C post straps that hold the belt high, it for my darling Tina, DTM470Y
  9. hi, is the Mk5 centre arm rest still on offer and is it blue? Cheers Mate
  10. wishfull thinking but do you still have the armrest?
  11. front centre armrest maybe?
  12. Hi all I think the title says it all. Anyone?
  13. any rear seat belt uprights for sale?
  14. cheers for that, ive just put a bid in, fingers crossed
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