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  1. Thanks for the guidance. I have spoken to Euroflo but the don’t have the rear box at the moment. Another online place has a 1.6 estate rear exhaust for sale, does anyone know of this will fit?... i ask as euroflo has both the 1.6 and 2.0 listed as the same part number. I have access to a workshop to “edit” it to fit of the difference is minor... any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, im looking for an exhaust for my 2.0 mk5 estate, specifically the middle and rear. If anyone had one at a reasonable price, please let me know. cheers iain
  3. I certainly do still need one Steve! I’ll send you a private message (I’m sure I can work it out haha)
  4. Appreciate it, I cannot find one anywhere.
  5. Yeah the saloon ones appear to be 10 a penny, I’ll keep searching.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! this year Santa brought me an idiot driver that managed to smash my rear left bumper cap! unfortunately I have spares for all but that that one, does anyone have one to sell or know anywhere I may find one? thanks in advance.
  7. cheers guys, i think ill order the 9" as if i order now they'll be delivered tomorrow and it needs doing, worst case i return and get 8".
  8. UPDATE. After far too much messing about and replacing things i took another look at the rotor arm, turns out the one i put in from the electric starter kit was a tiny bit shorter than the original one... DUH! Swapped it back for the old one and it now runs perfectly, 6 months of banging my head against a wall for nothing haha
  9. Hi, this may be a dumb question, but i'm away from the car and unable to check, but i;m looking to order a set of rear shoes and cant work out if i need 8 or 9 inch shoes?... both seem to have been standard at some point. Anyone know whats likely to be in there? It's an '82 Mk5 GLS Estate 2.0
  10. Thanks Pete H, Ill have a look Ive the earths tomorrow
  11. Ok, so, I replaced the coil this morning, took it for a drive and got a noticeable improvement in the dry weather (the coils was obviously beyond its prime. HOWEVER... just took it out in the wet and the shonky bogging down and power loss is back with a vengeance. Nothing more than damp air a slight spitting of rain and its misfiring and stuttering all over the place. Back to the drawing board.
  12. Thanks for that, i'll order a new non ballast coil, any recommendations or are they all pretty similar?... i've read that the up-rated "sports" ones aren't really worth it and can cause issues, but apart from that?
  13. ok after some digging i'm not any closer to understanding whether or not i need to replace it with a ballasted or non ballasted coil, does anyone know if there a preference for electronic ignitions? (accuspark conversion in a bosh i think)
  14. Hi John, No I didnt... didnt know I was supposed to. showing my ignorance here... tbh Im no mechanic and this is the first car Ive owned that Ive actually worked on myself. It has new sparks, new battery, and new ht leads... so it makes sense that the coil is the weak link. Any suggestions/ advice on what to pick up to replace it would be greatly appreciated
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