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  1. Thanks for the guidance. I have spoken to Euroflo but the don’t have the rear box at the moment. Another online place has a 1.6 estate rear exhaust for sale, does anyone know of this will fit?... i ask as euroflo has both the 1.6 and 2.0 listed as the same part number. I have access to a workshop to “edit” it to fit of the difference is minor... any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, im looking for an exhaust for my 2.0 mk5 estate, specifically the middle and rear. If anyone had one at a reasonable price, please let me know. cheers iain
  3. I certainly do still need one Steve! I’ll send you a private message (I’m sure I can work it out haha)
  4. Appreciate it, I cannot find one anywhere.
  5. Yeah the saloon ones appear to be 10 a penny, I’ll keep searching.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! this year Santa brought me an idiot driver that managed to smash my rear left bumper cap! unfortunately I have spares for all but that that one, does anyone have one to sell or know anywhere I may find one? thanks in advance.
  7. cheers guys, i think ill order the 9" as if i order now they'll be delivered tomorrow and it needs doing, worst case i return and get 8".
  8. UPDATE. After far too much messing about and replacing things i took another look at the rotor arm, turns out the one i put in from the electric starter kit was a tiny bit shorter than the original one... DUH! Swapped it back for the old one and it now runs perfectly, 6 months of banging my head against a wall for nothing haha
  9. Hi, this may be a dumb question, but i'm away from the car and unable to check, but i;m looking to order a set of rear shoes and cant work out if i need 8 or 9 inch shoes?... both seem to have been standard at some point. Anyone know whats likely to be in there? It's an '82 Mk5 GLS Estate 2.0
  10. Thanks Pete H, Ill have a look Ive the earths tomorrow
  11. Ok, so, I replaced the coil this morning, took it for a drive and got a noticeable improvement in the dry weather (the coils was obviously beyond its prime. HOWEVER... just took it out in the wet and the shonky bogging down and power loss is back with a vengeance. Nothing more than damp air a slight spitting of rain and its misfiring and stuttering all over the place. Back to the drawing board.
  12. Thanks for that, i'll order a new non ballast coil, any recommendations or are they all pretty similar?... i've read that the up-rated "sports" ones aren't really worth it and can cause issues, but apart from that?
  13. ok after some digging i'm not any closer to understanding whether or not i need to replace it with a ballasted or non ballasted coil, does anyone know if there a preference for electronic ignitions? (accuspark conversion in a bosh i think)
  14. Hi John, No I didnt... didnt know I was supposed to. showing my ignorance here... tbh Im no mechanic and this is the first car Ive owned that Ive actually worked on myself. It has new sparks, new battery, and new ht leads... so it makes sense that the coil is the weak link. Any suggestions/ advice on what to pick up to replace it would be greatly appreciated
  15. Hi, i've recently been having trouble with my 2.0L MK5 estate in wet weather, basically dampness has been causing bogging down for a while, but while driving home on boxing day in the heavy rain, the engine was all over the place... i couldnt get any power out of it at all (maxing out at about 40mph and VERY stuttery). As soon as the rain stopped and the surface spray dissipated, the car returned to (almost) normal running. A friend has suggested that it could be the coil getting wet from the surface spray, and has suggested in the past that it may need replacing to improve starting/running etc. as it may be .ged. I've checked the distributor and all seems ok there, plus i fitted an accuspark electronic ignition in there during the summer, so that should be fine. If anyone has some thoughts/suggestions on this, i would greatly appreciate it.
  16. It seems to have resisted the rust so far... and I love the original paint too much to respray it just yet... so I think waxing the fudge out of it is the way to go.
  17. thanks for the heads up on the anker wax, I'm still researching the best option to look after the paint long term... if you have any other wax suggestions I'd be very grateful. the original thought was to get a new clear coat but my respray guy informed me that the paint would eventually bubble through it.
  18. oh and my "era sympathetic" company window sticker... subtle:
  19. Hey chris, sorry I haven't checked on here for a while and missed your message. Yeah I was a bit panicky about the roof but it's held up a treat!... as a daily driver I couldn't be happier with it. In fact I took full advantage of the estate down at the marina car boot today: As for progress pics... I'm doing the hidden Bluetooth system and new speakers etc this week but I'm waiting on my "car guy" to get the couple of bit of grot cut out before a few little touch ups with my respray guy and a thorough waxing to try and lock in the current patina (a rat rod guy I know suggested anker wax). That's about it... might replace the air horn compressor and swap out the points for electric... but there's no rush on that. Thanks for he heads up on the seat... but It looks like I already missed it... whoops
  20. Thanks. The sunroof is a Britax... I was slightly concerned about its ability to keep water out but it got hammered today out in a downpour then blasted with hail for good measure!... no leaks yet. Now to change out the rear valence, repair one but of rot on the front wing, new sound system, find a new air horn compressor, find a pesky little oil leak, touch up a few bits that need it, wax thoroughly... and she's hot to trot!
  21. The coat hangar aerial is the best bit!... funnily enough I'm actually spending far too much on a stealth Bluetooth sound system... so I can modernise a little while keeping the coat hanger. Why is it not fair?... we're you also bidding on it? I got the slot mags (obviously) and all the workshop manuals etc. Chris (the seller) still has the nos indicators and granada chin spoiler if you were after them... he said he was going to pop them on eBay.
  22. New home in Brighton so not far at all... I'll have to dig around for the info on here. It's going to be my daily so im considering an electronic ignition for reliability... any suggestions? I also have a set of the original "dartboard" wheels but haven't decided what I'm sticking with yet (I kinda like the slot mags)
  23. After months furiously searching for a MK3 estate in good nick... and a few disappointments... todayI picked up my first cortina! Granted she's not the MK3 I was pining after... but I'm really happy with her. (now time for the million obvious questions) http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q380/macfrenzy/IMG_1766_zpstjfdd3pp.jpg?t=1492989905 (btw I can't work out how to properly insert a photo)
  24. Hi all, I have just purchased a mk5 estate with original paint as a daily driver... it's a bit grotty but I'm a fan of the character it lends the vehicle. It's been garaged for many years by the previous owner but I currently don't have that option. The mid to long term plan is to get it properly protected and clear coated to try and protect it and "lock in" its current look, however I am going to need to use it as normal until then. It looks like it's going to start getting wet this week so any suggestions to protect it in the short term? Thanks.
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