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  1. I’m after a 6cyl rev counter from a MKV Cortina 2.3 Have you got one??
  2. Sorry, apparently they will not fit my dash cluster. Thanks, Tony
  3. Hi Cactus, Are you sure it will fit my FL clocks which are the same as the MK4 & 5? Happy to purchase if it does and is a 6 CYL Thank you, Tony 07754942035
  4. Does anyone know if a Capri rev counter will fit in a 1975 Cortina MK3 FL?If it will - do you have one??Thanks,Tony
  5. Cheers Craig, it looks blue to me, however I’m no expert and my eyes are not what they used to be. Take your word on this.
  6. Cortina MK 4 / 5 Ghia (Grey) Interior very near complete “Possibly MK3 as well"In a used but good condition - will need a good clean due to years being stored in my garage This is a rare opportunity!! Here is what you get:- Driver and passenger seats complete with head rests and seat belt clamps (No main seat belts) Two rear "top and bottom bench seats with middle arm rest Full carpet "Drivers foot rubber in great order" Center console with storage box and gear stick end unit "Hand brake gaiter is missing and the gear stick gaiter has two small holes" Four wood effect door cappings with their rubber grommets Steering wheel with Ford center cap Two front kick panels for foot wells Four door handles with arm rests Four chrome window handles (One is odd) Sorry no black plastic middle cover or the round black spacers Four door cards, two fronts have pockets, two rear have their ash trays "Fronts have holes cut for speakers" That's about it, i know there are a few bits missing but this is almost a complete interior from a Cortina Ghia. Collect only due to the bulky size and weight of this combined lot CASH ONLY - Paid on collection of this lot Located in East London / Essex Area (Barking IG11) Easy access from A13 / A406 / M11 / M25 Looking for £350 OVNO
  7. Hello, I need the bit of cardboard backing that sits in the boot behind the rear seats I am also after the piece of metal that covers the wiper mechanism, it sits behind the fuse box under the front screes, also need the fixing bolts. Also two pieces of rubber trim (Left & Right) that fit in the boot channel between the rear screen and the boot rubber seal. Please get in touch if you can help out?? Thanks,
  8. Thank you Corty, that's great. Do you have paypal? I will send you the money or can do direct transfer if you prefer? Regards, TOny
  9. Hello Corty, Yes please, if you still have them
  10. Hello, I am after a piece of metal that covers the wiper mechanism behind the fuse box, with the fixing bolts. Also two pieces of rubber trim that fit in the boot between the rear screen and the boot rubber. can anyone help?? Thanks, Tony
  11. Thank you - if you come across yours would you consider lending it out? Obviously great care would be taken and it would be returned home safely.
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