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  1. Thank you, Hopefully I have this sorted now. Bloke Rob on eBay breaking a MK3. Thanks for all your help. Best wishes, stay safe.
  2. Hi Steve, No luck with Craig - can you help??
  3. Thanks Craig - switches arrived thank you.
  4. Hello, Has anyone got two air pipes from the interior heater System for a MK3 I need the U shaped bend that goes under the steering column and the pipe that fits left of it. The picture Below is from a LHD but I need for a RHD - I think numbers 8 and 9 Thanks
  5. Thanks Craig, Mine is a facelift, I’ve had a chap come back to me who thinks he has the correct switches with connectors. Thank you sir.
  6. Thanks Craig, Would appreciate that.
  7. Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back to me. Do you have the connector plug for these?
  8. Hello, Has anyone got the hazard and heated rear screen switches with the connectors for a preface lift MK3 Cprtina? i have 2 pair of switches but can’t get the cable connections. Happy for just the connectors on any pair or a complete set if you have them. Thanks
  9. Hello, Thank you, I know Craig as we have had dealings in the past. I will call him. Cheers
  10. I think you are correct now I have studied the pictures. Thank you, will see if I can find one. Cheers
  11. My square bit looks for rectangle to yours?? may be wrong - I’m no specialist
  12. See, mine is different to yours??
  13. Yes, MK3 3.0L V6 Saloon - Not a SavageThere is a chap on FB who says a MK 4 and 5 heater will slot straight in. Is this correct, is it really that simple??Also I notice my square hole is to the left looking into the engine from the bumper and the round is to the right.Is this the same as the UK models? Thanks
  14. Hello,I have taken out my heater “engine side” and noticed there is a little red stick poking up through the body, however my heater doesn’t have a hole for it? Have I got the totally wrong bit?Mine is a 4 door saloon 3.0L V6 “Not a Savage” Any help please on what heater I actually need and where I could get one?
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