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  1. Hello, Another shout out in case any newbies have popped on here. After a tan/ beige carpet with the two small triangle bits for a facelift MK3 Cortina. Just the plain carpet with no cut outs for centre consoles etc. Anything out there?? Thanks, Tony
  2. Has anyone got the centre console that holds an armrest and handbrake housing? I need one for my FL MK3 Cortina, I think the MK4 & 5 are the same?? I want beige if possible. What’s out there people?? Cheers, Tony - East London
  3. Not going for performance or a race spec. Just want a smooth and safe ride.
  4. So many replies, I’m back to square one!! Both have good and bad reviews so still unsure. Perhaps keep original would be better? Replacing all the front end bushes with a NOS steering rack.
  5. Has anyone got a pair of new front gas filled shock absorbers? Must be man enough for the weight of a 3.0 engine. Recommended supplier will help. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Thats great thanks for getting back to me. Can you PM with a contact number please? Regards, Tony
  7. Remember that one - dodgy brakes??
  8. Just seen this car on Only Fools and Horses. Is she still alive? What a great treat to be on this national treasure of a show.
  9. t.onyb

    Spot light bracket

    Has any one got one of these?? Backing plate for a spot light 10cm x 8cm aluminum. Thanks
  10. You did thanks. Was asking about the brackets for the Centre console? Also the PO paid out on the lost door handle bracket. Happy to pay for the extra one you sent me. Let me know what I owe you Craig? Thanks mate.
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