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  1. Yes I want the arm rest clips that are behind the door card. if these are the ones then yes please. Would you also have the screws to hold them in place? Thanks, Tony
  2. Craig, Bit of an odd ball mate, but would you have any of the clips that hold the extended door handle bit on the GXL or 2000e?? I think you slot the bar in then screw in the actual handle?? If not do you have a picture of what I need?? After 4 - one off each handle. Thanks you.
  3. Hello, Has anyone got any of the trim clips that hold the footwell kick plates in place?? Mine are a tan / light brown colour, I think beige is too light. I’ve added pictures to give an idea. I need 4 but a couple spare would be great. Thanks, Tony
  4. Hi Gazza, Yes same here, mine came today (8 of them) they look the same, not tried them as yet. Cheers matey....
  5. Don’t know Craig - thanks for looking mate.
  6. Can anyone help with these two clips? Mine are broken and I need two replacements. I think they are called J Cage Bolts If this is incorrect them please let me know what they are called. Thanks, Tony
  7. Okay thank you. Would you have these to fit my two front seats?? If you do, what would the cost be to post to me in London “IG11 OLG” area? Thank you, Tony
  8. Hi, Not sure what you mean?? Mine is a facelift 1975 and the seat belt anchors with its own bolt.
  9. Is Craig’s post any help with this?? Thanks, Tony
  10. Can anyone confirm the correct size for the MK3 front seat runners? Thanks,
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