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  1. Classic ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ . Loved the comment about the leaking fuel pipe.
  2. No but someone needs to do new brass or plastic bushes where the rod attaches to the brake/clutch pedal as they are always flogged out. Be a good little earner for someone to do these as they not only fit Fords.
  3. Wanted 2000E gearset to put in a Cortina Mk 1 case. Thanks in advance Tim
  4. Wanted centre console parts for Mk 1 GT Cortina. Anything considered. Thanks in advance Tim
  5. Yeah I want original and you are right lots of fakes out there being passed off as NOS. I have a couple of good originals with minor marks so will probably just get them refurbished.
  6. Hi all looking for some excellent non pitted front spears and rear trim corners for my 66 GT 2 Door build. Must have all pins intact. Cheers Tim
  7. Hi looking for a pair of NOS headlight rings for my 66 GT 2 Door Build. Cheers Tim
  8. Bet you going to put fuses on the new one! Sorry to hear about the damage
  9. Yes thatโ€™s correct. Iโ€™m off out to look at it shortly so will post some pics.
  10. This one is a bad pressing and I suspect you are probably right about it being a second or rejected one due to the lack of taillight rings and holes for the taillight mounting plus the missing boot catch panel. Someone must have been knocking them off out of the scrap bin at the Ford factory in the 60โ€™s
  11. I have zero interest in the story about where you purchased the panel and who supplied it blah blah blah. I purchased the the panel off you not the guy you bought it off. At the end of the day I have ended up with a dud suspect panel which I am unhappy about. Ill just put it down to a bad experiance. As I said its not about the money its about the panel being genuine NOS Ford which in this case it isnt.
  12. My panelbeater who has done a number of Mk 1 Cortina restorations has advised me this is the case. He has used NOS panels before and he says this lacks the fine detail and is definitley not a NOS Genuine Ford panel. Its not about the money its about the panel not being genuine Ford. Im doing a big dollar build as you can see on my thread and only wanted genuine replacement panels. I will get my panelbeater to take the pics comparing this panel with another panel and post them up here seen as you have outed yourself. Here is a pic of a NOS panel compared to the one you sold me. No holes drilled for the tail light mounts and its also missing the tail light rings.
  13. Hi I am after a NOS Ford taillight panel for my 2 Door GT resto. I bought one off a guy off here and paid big money and its turned out to be a cheap copy from I dont know where with half the detail missing. I have tried to contact him however if he doesnt get in touch within a week I will name and shame him.
  14. Good buying at that if itโ€™s as good as people are saying. Last 2 Mk 1 GT 2 doors sold in NZ for 25-30k GPB
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