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  1. Few more pics of progress
  2. Bit of progress with putting it back together
  3. Done a few over the years. No I’m senior management in commercial construction. Cars are my hobby and passion
  4. Thanks mate just got to put it all back together now 😂
  5. Thanks taken 6 years to get there
  6. Finally all painted. Now the big job of putting it all back together
  7. Well underway with painting. Original factory Dragoon Red. Will be finished in a couple of weeks and then start putting it all back together again
  8. Getting all the panels together and have scored NOS rear quarters and rear panel, have 4 mint rust free doors, new sills etc. think I will have to go Steel Panels UK for the front valance and slam panel. Here’s some pics of the bodge repairs done previously
  9. So am I. Hopefully a couple of months to put it all back together
  10. Dragoon Red as it was the factory colour
  11. Yeah hopefully it’s been 5 years in the making with delays so keen to get it on the road
  12. Pics of its first coats of primer. Just sorting the final colour so hopefully will have it back before Xmas and I can start putting it all back together again.
  13. Sorry been busy with work and Covid has slowed progress. Pics just before it went to paint
  14. WTB NOS Panels Cortina Mk 1 4 Door
  15. Classic 😂😂😂 . Loved the comment about the leaking fuel pipe.
  16. NZ Classic Car just done a piece on my GT
  17. Thanks. It’s almost a shame to paint it
  18. Ready for paint 🍾 The panel journey has ended and the quality is just outstanding. Thanks Greg at R3 Fabrications💪
  19. Hi all does anyone have an original unmolested Mk 1 GT they could take some photos of the screws that fix the console to the brackets on the side and the below the rear ashtray and also the screws that fix the Ali trim in place by the gear leaver boot. Just need pics of the screw heads thanks. My OCD is kicking in to make sure it’s all as per factory. Thanks in advance if anyone can help
  20. Doors primered, new hinge pins, last badge trial fitted. Photoshoot this week of all the exterior in bare metal before it goes to paint.
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