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  1. I think this is a mk2 Cortina box, not mk1?
  2. Steering Box removed from a mk1 some time ago, very good condition, has been carefully stored, along with the 3:9 diff, excellent condition, will need a Flange, can post both at buyers risk, but will be very well protected. No Idea on price for the steering box, so offers? As for the diff, needs to be £100 at least.
  3. After faffing around with a tape measure, i remembered i have some mk2 escort hubs, they fit, therefore, are 101% Ford fitment.
  4. They were fitted to a Capri out in the states, if you want, i will send another pic with pcd measurements, regards A Waffle keeper.
  5. Will update with more photo's. If you need any more, give me a nudge.
  6. Set of 4, believed to be quite a rarity? all very good wheels, collection pref', based in Essex.
  7. Not the best condition, but here are a pair of the above for sale, can post if collection is not possible, or arrange a courier, having a clear out.
  8. Getting fed up with this! message me for more pic's and i can email them to interested parties.
  9. Helping a friend clear out the mk2 Parts he has, and came across two rear quarters, the front screen surround and the strut/bar for the front area. obviously all parts will need a clean and repair, i spent an hour cleaning these, pretty solid, and very useable, i have taken a few photo's to give you an idea, and yes, the GT badge is included! (aren't you lucky!!) this is for all the parts, PLUS for those who like their memorabilia and paperwork, a Logbook also, ideal man-cave material. Parts would need to be collected, but i may be able to help with delivery within reason. Parts are in Essex. Sensible offers considered. Sorry but it looks as though 1 photo at a time! only allowed 2.9 things at once?????
  10. Hi Keith, apologies for the delay, just been offered a 1360 will probably go down this route, Many thanks, Keep them waffles safe!
  11. Looking for the above to go in a mk1 Estate, and yes, i know i will need the right sump and pick up pipe, so, if anyone can help with 1 or the other...or both, (and i don't need to re-mortgage my flat and window box) i would be grateful. pref' in the Essex area, but will travel for the right part. Needs to be complete, or at least 75% of it there!
  12. i live just off the A127, happy to help if you still need it.
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