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  1. Sorry but the glass was the first thing that got sold, I do have some plain glass if you are interested.
  2. Now you know the sort of nutters that want to watch this stuff but this nutter cant find the links. So far I have found part 1 and floor acquisition. HELP PLEASE.
  3. Been called many things before but not John, you can however come and say hello as I will be on the MK3 club stand, hall 5-465 and drool over the best MK of Cortina's. :angel_not: Marky.
  4. JCL are brake spares specialists they are in the auto-jumble AJ-65. Give John a call on 07831720023. :)
  5. If the plugs are dry it sounds like fuel isn't getting through.
  6. Wow! looks like you have a job on your hand there but it will be well worth it. :thumbup: You may wish to consider joining the Cortina MK3 Club as they are in the process of getting some new scuttle panels made.
  7. Big K kodachrome one for me. Could you put a couple of diagonals across it in black or red using a film pattern.
  8. I wonder if the car that bonnet originally came from had been given the Ziebart treatment, hence the black stuff. :juggle:
  9. Great spot Ian, the car looks mint. Last time i was in Portugal (25yrs ago) I was amazed at how many Cortina's (all Mks) I saw over there. Local beach cafe owner had a yellow Mk3 which he pitched up in every day. There must be a reason why Portugal seems to have had far more Cortina's than the likes of say Spain, France ect. :headscratch:
  10. With ign on, fan off and fan plugged in you should have power in both wires, switch fan on and you should then have no power in brown and yellow wire. :)
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