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  1. Anyone got a decent set of metal letters available? They don't have to be pristine.
  2. thanks folks I got sorted with a local chap who had a couple of sets.
  3. Anyone got any lying about? they don't need to be be absolutely mint but if they were all in similar nick to each other that'd be good. Need a set for bonnet and a set for the boot.
  4. Thanks Paul! Yeah still over the moon. Just took her to work for the first time on Monday, got a fair few looks about the place! Mountain of work to do but she moves and stops at least! Once I get her sorted for longer range travel I'll be doing a tour of Ireland for sure!
  5. All great info thanks guys. The pictures I was sent of the car had the internal headlights but they've mysteriously disappeared somewhere along the way! I found a quad grille on ebay for 150 euro but without the bezels. would they be tricky to find on their own?
  6. I'm looking at changing the MK3 grill from the two headlight to the quad version. Couldn't decide whether I liked the double or the quad version but yeah, definitely the quad I think. From what I can see these are quite rare so thought I'd fire this out there in the hope it picks up something in the future. As a side note, has anyone done a similar change before? is it a straight swap or is there any fabrication/tinkering required? I think the model I have the 1300L has had lights behind the grill as well as the normal lights each side. Unless this was added later on by someone. I can't tell what was stock and what wasn't on this motor, just learning the ins and outs at the moment! Something else maybe someone can answer, the GXL grill has the little badge on it, is this actually part of the grill or detachable? I'm assuming it is part of the grill though?. Reason is I'd probably rather have a bare grill, don't want to 'pretend' I have a GXl!
  7. Hi folks, on the hunt for new wheels for the MK3 whilst I wait for the motor herself to arrive. First thing I want to do is change em. Looking for something like the below. Matt black with silver trim. I'm open to suggestions on size but was looking for 15". I'd like to fill up the arches nicely. What kind of width are people using on their Mk3's? What's the limit on width without breaching the arch? Hopefully you can see these. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By_XegF9ihqBY2o2X3AwVnI5bVE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By_XegF9ihqBYXliSWE4dHdNb2s Don't have to be mint. I'm in Belfast so they'd have to be posted. Cheers! A
  8. Well folks, she's being picked up tomorrow morning for the journey to Belfast! All being well she should arrive Thursday or Friday. Huge thanks to Gary for going to check it out, snapping loads of pics and reporting back for me. She's far from mint but I look forward to having a long term project with her! First things first, some tasty new wheels I think!
  9. It'd be going the opposite way though. Or do you just mean getting it across the water? South London is where the car currently is.
  10. Yes I've been chatting back and forth with the owner but unfortunately won't have money for a couple more weeks! So fingers crossed he still has it when I've got the dough!
  11. aha, just looked funny to me there!
  12. Yes thanks Gary, got chatting to him, it looks like a good car, perfect for me, bit of work needed, Driving but engine a bit tired. Ripe for an upgrade. I'm just hoping I can get the cash together now before he advertises! Also a shame he's so far away as transport from London to Belfast is horrendous! It's the trip across the water that really adds to the cost! One thing I was wondering, on the interior photo, the steering column seems very far over to the left, is it just the pic or is that the case with mk3s in general? Just looked a bit far over to me, but maybe just the angle the pic was taken? Fingers crossed now! Consul 315, 'll also post my Marina in the off topic forum shortly!
  13. Interesting to know, thanks for the info. I have a Morris Marina at the moment and she's bouncy at the back, stiff as at the front so it's interesting! Wife was driving her home one day and both rear dampers went, she bounced home on the leaf springs!
  14. haha, sunroof not cool? Don't think I've EVER had a car with a sunroof now that I think about it! Hey that'd be great if you could get contact info for him. I contacted the club and put an ad in the club for April, they were really great and helped me out with free forum access for a month as well so maybe that'll conjur up some leads too.
  15. haha! aye aye captain.
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