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  1. Thanks for the tip but big red recon calipers if you already have a set they do not have M18s in stock to sell outright. So I'm still looking for a set. I would also consider a set from a mk2 granada as these are the same but spaced for a vented disc. Can anyone help me source a set?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know of a pair of the larger M18 front calipers that might be available. These were fitted to the Mk3 2.0 estate and the P100. Any help or leads much appreciated. Happy to consider a pair in need of a build as well as ready to run. Thanks.
  3. Dutboy

    Breaking mk3

    Could be interested in the front upper suspension arms. How much would you want?
  4. I have a brand new pair of Kilen 13240 front springs for a std Mk3 Cortina and a brand new pair of Kilen 13140 front springs for a std Mk5 Cortina. These have been fitted to a car in the garage for 24 hours but never used on the road so are essentially brand new. Ideally I would like to swap each pair for either a 20mm front anti roll bar (Mk5 S or Hyundai) or a set of 4 new Mk4/5 front tie rod inner washers part no 74 BB3K115 AB. Happy to discuss any proposed deals. If not then will sell Mk3 pair for £36.00 and the Mk5 pair for £43.00 inc postage. I am away 27th Jan to 12th Feb but otherwise will reply.
  5. That would be appreciated, look forward to hearing from you when you have had chance to look.
  6. Anyone know a source of the pressed washers that go in the subframe holes for the front tie rod bushes? Part number on my bent and chewed up originals is BB 3K115AB and 06400. Thanks for any help
  7. I think the Stellar and the Cortina Mk5 S both had 20mm front arb's. Don't think whiteli e make them anymore.
  8. Thank you for the offer but I already have an 18mm one, looking for something stiffer. It's all yours btboy.
  9. Hi Has anyone got a 20mm front arb for the Mk 3, 4, 5 Cortina they would like to sell? Maybe one from a Hyundai? Thanks
  10. Im in Evesham Worcestershire, could we meet somewhere along the M6? How much are you selling for and whats the condition?
  11. Yes i would be interested in the 4.11 rear axle, where are you and how much are you asking?
  12. Hi, Yes i mean 4.44 which was an option; the 4.11 is more common although still appears to be difficult to locate one. At the moment i may well be interested in either.
  13. Hi All I'm after a 4.44 crown wheel and pinion to suit my Mk 4/5 Koln style rear axle. Happy to consider just the gear set or an entire axle. Does any one know where i might find one? All help and leads appreciated.
  14. Dutboy

    Koln Axle for 1600

    I have a 3.89 Koln Mk 4/5 axle but its under my car. I would like to replace it with a 4.44 Koln so if one can be found the 3.89 will become available.
  15. Hi, I would be interested in buying the rear axle if its a 4.44 Koln type. Thanks.
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