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  1. He got back to me no joy Im afraid. Was hoping one would turn up quite easily but not to be. Annoying as the one I had was perfect too 😞 Cheers Tony
  2. Just messaged him thanks. Will Corsair be the same as Cortina door tops? Cheers Tony
  3. Hi Im after a chrome window frame trim for my drivers door (2 door uk car). My bodywork guy lost it! Its a super and he managed to not lose any of the others though. The piece I want is the long one that goes across the top frame and down towards the front. Can anyone help please? Cheers Tony
  4. Hi I'm after exhaust from the 4 branch back on my MK1 fitted with 1600 XFlow. Doesnt need to be new but anything considered. Cheers Tony
  5. Poss interested for a friend. Is it manual or auto? All running good I take it? ie ready to fit and run? Cheers Tony
  6. Cheers for the heads up. If its the same one it looks like a series 2 Mk2 one with the single clock at the front? I sort dont want to modify one of those if it "takes" it from a mk2 owner that needs one. Prob cost me money doing that lol. If I had dimensions of a mk1 console I'd make one from it as it doesnt need to be concourse :) Cheers Tony
  7. I would love a GT centre console for my MK1 but with prices going a bit mad these days I'd consider an alternative console from a different car too. Originality is not too important as I'll likely be fitting modern seats at some point. So does anyone have any ideas of what may fit without too much modification? Cheers Tony
  8. Thanks for the reply. Different seller to the ones I have seen. My chrome isnt perfect by any means but its ok to go back on for now. I'll end up using sealant Ive decided and wait til some fall in my lap later. Ive got more money to spend on other things first really :) Cheers Tony
  9. I did spot those this morning thanks. I doubt I'll be getting them though looking at the bidding. Be nice if he showed if the pegs are intact. Are these really hard to get hold of? Cheer Tony
  10. SORRY its SUPER not deluxe, does anyone have a pair to sell? Mine both have snapped lugs and car is going be be painted next week so would like a usable pair to back on. Cheers Tony
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