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  1. Hi. Thanks for that. The prices are crazy but, I managed to find a complete, NOS throttle body including TPS on ebay for £60! Result!
  2. Hi. It's the type with the short loom.
  3. Hi all. As title I need a pinto tps in good working order. One of mine has a dead spot, the other a short!
  4. lowtina

    Heater box 3/4/5

    I have a couple. Do you need complete or just the box?
  5. It must be the bit then. Here's the one I still have (found it in the scuttle!) So then, how much dollar to make that troublesome bit of plastic mine?? :)
  6. Actually, I think that's it! Probably about 10mm diameter?
  7. At last! I'm bang on trend! ;) I'm not sure where the hose is supposed to end. I imagined it would come out of the drain channel at the bottom of the a post but I think perhaps it didn't go that far originally. Mine Will! Somehow! Or maybe it's easier if I just bond the windscreen in!
  8. I'll take a pic later. The holes are already in the scuttle corners, underneath where the screen sits. The drain is a small, tapered white tube that pushes into the hole. There's a pvc hose on the end that disappears into the A post, I assume to the bottom, so that water that gets behind the screen seal, drains away rather than sitting in the corners or running over the lip and inside the car. I think the problem is, because the drains sit in a hole, eventually, the steel rusts around them. The last owner of mine repaired the rust and covered the holes. All good, except now, water gets inside and sits at the bottom of the screen aperture and rusts that too! It's all just part of the fact that in the days of the Cortina, they were never intended to last this long! ;) You won't see yours unless you take the screen out. Once removed, I would agree you're on a hiding to nothing trying to feed the tubes back through!
  9. I think you're right! The pipe disappears down through the scuttle and through the A post/inner wing. Fortunately, as well as welding up the drain holes, the last owner also cut some 25mm holes in the front of the scuttle. I have no idea why but they give a nice access point to feed the pipe back down the inner wing. I can weld them up again afterwards.
  10. I can sell you the seats too! Just stretch a old red t shirt between them. :)
  11. Rust is good. They'll come out easier! :)
  12. Hi. Nothing so far. If you get bored at the weekend, feel free to have a dig through the garage for drain tubes! ;)
  13. As title. Anyone got any of these? With or without hose. Someone removed the ones on mine at the last "restoration. Hence the rusty corners and wet carpets!
  14. I have a red carpet from an early mk5 GLS. Used condition but not very worn. But does have some black marks that may well clean off.
  15. lowtina

    Mk4 power rack

    You'll wait a lifetime for a new one to rock up. Had mine rebuilt for £190 at Kiley Clinton.
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