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  1. Thanks for the offer but all sorted for 40 pound from someone else thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks that's great no one is coming back to me do you also have the adjusters to. I have just plane bare backings so need all others apart from the lenses dm if you can kind regards Glen
  3. That's great thank you dm me the cost so we can arrange it regards Glen
  4. Hi Aaron dm me mate so we can sort the bits out
  5. If predictive tex hadn't changed the heading to rain then it would of said twin which Would of given the size away
  6. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mangler" data-cid="668612" data-time="1516536012"><p> Why don't you ever say what size you want?<br /> 7" or 5 3/4"</p></blockquote>
  7. Aaron I'm also needing the adjustment parts to mate
  8. I know you said you wouldnt split but would you consider selling the head lights I have good backing plates and good lenses but I need the cups the lights sit in and the chrome surrounds. Would you consider the headlight sale. Cash waiting I have this advert in the wanted section
  9. In have backing plates but I'm looking for the cups the lights sit in and also the chrome surrounds cash waiting
  10. Wanted mk3 cortina gxl side trim that run down the wing doors and rear quarters cash waiting
  11. Dos you have the plastic heater box the inadvance5
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