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  1. Thanks all, great info and advice.... We have a lot of requests for a pinto/ crossflow/ lotus twin cam setup (all the same bolt pattern I believe) so once we have the bellhousing sorted it's just mounts & gear levers etc. We only use the MK3 5 speed, new from Mazda, but modify the case to take either a mechanical or electronic Speedo drive. Type 9's have been the go to box for a long time, but you can't buy a new one and good recon boxes are getting harder to find and expensive! For big torque (300+ lb.ft) and good grip I'd for a T5 as sheffielcortinacentre said, but with the narrow tyres most classics run the MX5 box is fine. If it's good enough for the Caterham 620... I'll let you know when we have something ready!
  2. Please advise if this is the wrong place to put this message... Our day job is modifying the MX-5 5 Speed gearbox to fit different British niche vehicles. Off the back of that I've developed a number of kits that allow the same gearbox to be fitted to classic cars. We have targeted MGs initially and are pleased with the take-up, but do you think the Cortina fraternity would be interested in a modern gearbox for their cars? We are working with a few partner companies r for Ford bellhousing options, on from their Type 9 patterns. If anybody would be interested in trying out our gearbox in their car, please get in touch! If you're in the Midlands then let me know if you'd like a go in my V8 MGB demonstrator.... Thanks for reading!
  3. chalks

    Mk3 Mk4 Heater Box

    Hi All, Looking for a Mk3/4 heater box, I don't need the matrix or the fan... Thanks!
  4. Sorry to hear health issues have lead to you selling.... What a car- looked great when I came to pick up a few bits from you a few months ago. Sounds cheap to me for what it is! Good luck with the sale.. if I didn't have a 2 door already I'd have it!
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