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  1. Plug it from the outside in case it works loose.
  2. I don't have a spare complete one so if you don't find one and need this just let me know.
  3. I'll see if I have one going begging.
  4. Wow - the price has shot up.
  5. This is what you need - there are lots of common components among the models - mainly the spacer length.
  6. Keep on top of it as it's a manual process getting access to the various parts of the club. The expectation is that you click the button & it is in place.
  7. You know it makes sense Rodney!
  8. It was a shame the old forum died in favour of Facebook s it's not a great repository of past subject matter for reference down the line. It frustrates everyone I expect as it's so clunky to use.
  9. To be fair to Bob; he does have a full time job too so can't really pay enough attention to everything, so hits the main requirement of sending out parts to keep the cars going. I have offered help where I see gaps in the service offering but nothing followed up yet. I would like to see the parts database updated with proper pics & have a quality control process going for reproduction parts. Saying that I always get a fast response from Bob - probably as I have history.
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