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  1. Anyone have a spare par of Expressed Steel Panels top plates for sale?
  2. Is this the TJH reg car that was owned for years by a pub landlord and taken off road after a minor collision. It’s thought to be a customer converted Crayford and not done when new?
  3. Is that the Lotus Cortina Register authenticated the Crayford Mk1 as I was always lead t o believe they never made one as this was allegedly a replica from years ago
  4. Yes it's the same bracket as the Corsair - the can was larger but the rest was sa me.
  5. Dale Stevenson sells them stevenson.dr@btinternet.com
  6. Thanks Andrew - makes a change for repro stuff to do the job. I'll buy some.
  7. Has anyone tried these - do they fit as they are about £2-3 on Amazon. Someone said the shank on the switch is too short for the aeroflow dash & also the chrome bezel doesn't fit?????
  8. I have a NOS one you can have - email me for pics keith.p.halstead@gmail.com
  9. Stage1.org.uk Trevor https://stage1.org.uk/product/front-1-4-bumper-brackets/
  10. Looks familiar - was it owned by Ray Evans last year?
  11. Ratios for the non-Lotus variants are the same but the later GT had a better 2nd gear ratio like Lotus. http://performanceclassiccarparts.co.uk/ford-gearboxes.html https://105eoc.com/technical/technical-articles/gearing-up-for-a-change/?v=79cba1185463
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