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  1. Nigel Eaton at Classic Car Care Stambridge has a front panel where the slam panel has been cut out - try him. He might even have an old panel that he's removed. NigelLHD on here.
  2. I think Kev Musson has a plenum section.
  3. This dash has been listed a few times and not sold LINKY
  4. Any measurements available as I have one from a 4 door but don't know which one?
  5. That's a shame - keep looking.
  6. I'm not 100% but the Corsair roof was the same so I am guessing it was.
  7. This guy seems to be selling a few trims - see other items. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOS-GENUINE-FORD-CORSAIR-GT-CORTINA-MK1-GT-DOOR-WINDOW-TRIM-1500GT-118E-N-S-LEFT/143418348543?hash=item21646653ff:i:143418348543
  8. Thanks Mark - now sorted.
  9. Yes I know = an amazing service & so reasonably priced.
  10. Bob is quick, normally send out orders in a few days so yes you should be OK.
  11. I presume you need this Johnny as no pic - Mk1 OC do them for £9
  12. Wanted - does anyone have a flange for the diff end of the Lotus Mk1 propshaft (split one) 3.62" diameter ?
  13. Does anyone have a smaller diff flange of 3.37" diameter as the one that's fitted is about 3.56" so doesn't match the prop?
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