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  1. Thanks Mark - now sorted.
  2. Yes I know = an amazing service & so reasonably priced.
  3. Bob is quick, normally send out orders in a few days so yes you should be OK.
  4. I presume you need this Johnny as no pic - Mk1 OC do them for £9
  5. Wanted - does anyone have a flange for the diff end of the Lotus Mk1 propshaft (split one) 3.62" diameter ?
  6. Does anyone have a smaller diff flange of 3.37" diameter as the one that's fitted is about 3.56" so doesn't match the prop?
  7. Yet another candidate for 3D printer.
  8. Many thanks for the offers - I think we may be sorted but you never know.
  9. That would be good - please PM me your number and I'll get the owner to speak to you.
  10. If anyone knows of a reliable auto electrician in Essex (Rayleigh) I need one to fit an autosparks loom please.
  11. I can't remember who sells these - can anyone tell me please?
  12. Anyone have a pair of Mk1 disc McPherson strut backplates for sale?
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-5-x-13-JBW-Smoothie-Steel-Wheels-Classic-Ford-Set-of-4-Silver/183228360964?epid=4019457772&hash=item2aa942e904:g:Bf4AAOSwwwRbCBs9
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