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  1. Anyone have a decent nearside door for a Mk1 2 door Cortina lurking?
  2. I seem to remember this before & someone just wired the springs to the cups to stop them jumping out?
  3. Lotuscops

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    Scammers no doubt trying to extort money for non-existent parts. I am finding the same on my Facebook group but they are quite easy to spot.
  4. Colin Ginn in Essex https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/226021793910?itmmeta=01HRDF5H6S1JQ2C7EQXNZARKGG&hash=item349ff2e076:g:IZMAAOSwbiVlQN26 Colin has a selection of repair panels on Ebay
  5. Email info@motechvehicleservices.co.uk Tony Amdur as he had to get these for his Lotus Twincam & found some.
  6. I have a job lot of used parts going spare in Essex if anyone wants it £200 for the lot Handbrake, boot hinges, bonnet hinges, glove box lid, TCA, window winders, door openers, radiator, heater early, fixed rear quarterlights, front quarterlights, grilles, steering wheel, 2 door panels, strut uprights, plenum grille, windscreen rear window side window parcel shelf
  7. It's quite valuable so I would say £200 minimum.
  8. I'd be interested in the 3 dial dash Donald.
  9. Try Dale Stevenson 01509 264550
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